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Chamber LGBTQ+ celebrates Pride Month 2022

Chamber LGBTQ+ celebrates Pride Month 2022

Chamber LGBTQ+ celebrates Pride Month 2022

June is a month when we see businesses across the UK painting their usually untouchable brand livery all shades of rainbow in support of LGBTQ+ employees, customers and stakeholders.

Amongst the festivals, parades, and parties, Pride season is an important focal point where LGBTQ+ people reflect on the tireless determination of so many who fought hard to achieve equality and look towards the future. For many, the process of acceptance is one of uncertainty, trepidation and a frequent ritual of coming out in various settings and contexts.

Later this year we’re planning to bring you exciting news about Chamber LGBTQ+ alongside a programme of events and activities aimed at supporting our members and celebrating the contribution our LGBTQ+ communities make to our business community. 

The struggle isn’t over.  Many of us still strive for parity and face discrimination daily.  Those brands making their livery that slightly more colourful during the summer sends a public signal of solidarity.


As a powerful network which employs many individuals who identify as LGBTQ and represents thousands of members seeking guidance and information to support their own LGBTQ+ employees; the Black Country Chamber of Commerce, supported by the British Chambers of Commerce and its CEO Group has created Chamber LGBTQ+.

Chamber LGBTQ+ was launched in June 2021 and will be a place were visible role models, advocates and supporters can work with LGBTQ+ colleagues across the Chamber network and our membership to promote, celebrate and develop the contribution we make to the business community.

If you are an LGBTQ+ individual or ally working within across the Chamber network and are interested in hearing more about our work, please email [email protected].

Neil Anderson

Director of External Affairs at the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and Chair of Chamber LGBTQ+.

Follow Chamber LGBTQ+ Twitter @ChamberLGBTQ

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