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Future of the Economy Manifesto

Future of the Economy Manifesto

future of the economy

Future of the Economy manifesto

The stakes for business for the next government could not be higher. Firms of all sizes and sectors crave certainty on which to base their investment and growth plans; to make decisions on hiring staff, creating new products or selling in fresh markets. 

It is crucial that politicians listen to their concerns and our new government – of whatever party – hits the ground running with meaningful action. 

This report sets out five priorities for immediate action to put in place the right policies and structures that will turn the fly wheel of the economy, so that business can step up and make the best of these opportunities. 

BCC Future of the Economy Manifesto


The Future of the Economy: The key National issues the Council will address

The BCC has identified five core national challenges that will shape the Future of the Economy:

The Business Council is designing and driving the Future of the Economy initiative which is convened by Baroness Martha Lane Fox CBE. Its members are uniquely placed to help shape our thinking and engagement around these core challenges.

Each Challenge is led by a high-profile Chair with a policy commission structure underneath to develop fresh and compelling proposals for the UK government.

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