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Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution


Ensuring British business is ready for the pace of exponential change to come.

Most sectors are already adopting cutting-edge technologies to drive productivity, such as introducing AI into customer-facing roles; and introducing autonomous driving systems for road transport operations.

However, some are missing out on the digital revolution, due to poor infrastructure, a lack of skills or guidance on what technologies are most appropriate.

At the Chambers, we’re led by one of Britain’s true digital pioneers. Our President, Baroness Martha Lane Fox CBE has been at the heart of digital innovation, both as an entrepreneur and policy shaper.  

As we move forward into an increasingly digital age, it’s vital that we answer the crucial questions that firms are asking.  

  • How can we use AI to revolutionise the way we operate? 
  • What policies could help us embrace its benefits?  
  • How can we safeguard against negative consequences and ensure no one is left behind?

That’s why we urgently need to work in partnership with government to identify the solutions and redesign our future. 

We are exploring the barriers and the opportunities to the uptake of new technologies across different sectors and working on practical policy options that would help with adoption and understanding in the business community.




Digital Revolution Challenge Report

The digital revolution opens a wealth of opportunities for UK businesses of all shapes and sizes.

This report outlines a clear roadmap for action from policymakers across a series of interconnected areas.

Without better broadband and wireless connectivity – and improved cyber security – businesses will not be able to engage with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In short, businesses want to be connected, secure and dynamic.

Digital Revolution Challenge Report – Connected, Secure and Dynamic: Navigating our Digital Future


Latest News

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New research by the BCC & Cisco, shows less than 30% of firms expect their workforce to be fully in person over the next five years.