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Partnerships in Action

Partnerships in Action



Explore real-world case studies about how we collaborate with partners across different sectors to support UK business.

Collaboration is at the heart of the BCC, and we’re proud of the relationships we have cultivated with each of our partners. Each one is built on mutual support and serves to drive UK business forward and enrich our communities. Explore these partnerships in more detail below.

Case Studies

Wednesday 17th May, 2023 in the QEII Centre, London


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Partnerships in Action

Explore real-world case studies and find out how we collaborate with partners across different sectors to support UK business.


Connect to a thriving global ecosystem and expand your business’ horizons.


“BCC’s Network on the ground is second to none. Working with the BCC helped us engage our local business communities in the work Amazon is doing to help organisations reopen safely post Covid-19.”

During July 2020 BCC and Amazon worked together to launch a programme of fulfilment centre tours for businesses across the UK to help organisations reopen safely and in line with government guidance post Covid-19.


Educated businesses on how to open safely and in line with government guidance post Covid-19.

Benefits to Amazon:

  • National press and broadcast coverage.
  • A route to the SME market.
  • Association with a trusted champion of business represented across the UK.
  • Positioned as market leaders on a post Covid-19 world.


After over 30 years of connecting the UK, we’re in a great place to help accelerate its digital future. Nearly every Internet connection in the UK touches Cisco technology and we’re investing in projects to support innovation, from smart cities to transport, healthcare and manufacturing, to cyber-security and digital skills.

To find out how Cisco can help your organisation accelerate its digital future visit out stand or contact our Cisco UKI Team


DHL Express is the global market leader in the international express delivery market, specialising in time and day critical shipping to all corners of the world.

With a network spanning over 220 countries and territories, DHL Express ensures your products are quickly and reliably delivered to destinations all over the world, providing tailored delivery options and returns.

Whether you are a new or experienced international shipper, DHL Express is here to help. From improving your website’s international appeal, to the intricacies of customs duties and taxes, DHL Express offers support at every stage of the export journey.


Since 2018 BCC and Drax have worked in partnership on a number of projects in the ‘energy infrastructure’ space including:


  • Together with BCC, Drax have influenced the government to embrace bold and innovative measures to enable the economy to bounce back stronger post Covid-19.
  • Raised the profile of carbon capture schemes to assist businesses in reaching their net zero targets.

Benefits to Drax

  • Access to market leading data and insight.
  • National press coverage.
  • A route to the SME market.
  • Exposure to BCC’s advocacy work.
  • Positioned Drax as a credible voice of business.
  • Association with a trusted champion of business represented across the UK.
  • Raised the profile of individual Drax representatives.


About eBay


eBay was the first online marketplace. Today, it’s a household name. A regular feature in lists of best loved brands, it connects millions of buyers and sellers, helping customers to find the item they’re looking for from its 1.5 billion listings. With 147 million active buyers in 190 markets, trade is fast. The UK website sells a car part every second, and with the aid of the authenticity guarantee programme, a sneaker is purchased every 5 seconds.

This incredible interest directly benefits the small businesses who trade on eBay, giving them access to an audience once unthinkable for a small shop on the high street. Throughout its history, eBay has helped many thousands of small businesses to succeed. Small British firms regularly rank in the top five grossing sellers on’s biggest trading days like Black Friday, and over one thousand British sellers who started with a shop on eBay are now running million pound businesses, providing jobs to people in their communities.

By partnering with sellers in this way, has helped hundreds of thousands of British entrepreneurs over its 25-year history. As a hub of retail in the UK, the marketplace also continues to welcome top brands to the site – including Dyson, Halfords, GoPro, Canon and more.

eBay also makes it easy for customers to give to charitable organisations. Using eBay for Charity, sellers can donate a portion of their sales and buyers can shop while supporting their favourite causes – adding to the funds that has raised for UK charities to date.

Did you know?

  • eBay has 147 million active buyers around the world.
  • In the UK, eBay serves over 20m Brits a month.

Social media


The BCC and Meta (formerly Facebook) have worked together since 2016 on activities such as the BCC Annual Conference and the Chamber Business Awards programme. More recently the BCC and Chamber Network have successfully delivered ‘Boost with Facebook’, a global event series designed to help small businesses grow and to equip more people with the digital skills they need to compete in the new economy.

Benefits to Facebook:

  • Positioned Facebook as a market leading business tool.
  • Positioned Facebook as a credible voice of business.
  • Association with recognising and rewarding business achievement across the UK.
  • Association with a trusted champion of business represented across the UK.
  • National press and broadcast coverage.
  • Engagement with the SME business community, across the UK.

Smart Meters

Smart Energy GB is the not-for-profit, government-backed campaign helping homes and small businesses across Great Britain understand the importance of smart meters and their benefits to people and the environment.

Smart meters are the next generation of gas and electricity meter. They aim to help small businesses feel more in control of their budgeting by sending gas and electricity readings straight to their energy supplier.

So, rather than estimates, businesses receive accurate energy bills, meaning that they’ll know exactly how much their business is spending on their energy each month.

For more information about the benefits of installing a smart meter, visit Smart Energy GB.

The Open University

For over 50 years, The Open University (OU) has led the way in supported distance learning. The University has a proven track record and rich heritage working with organisations across a range of sectors to help them achieve their aims, solve business challenges and make a positive difference to society.

Alongside this, we have partnered with governments and educational institutions around the world to help them upskill and reskill local people to tackle skills shortages.

Specialising in developing high-quality learning materials, based on rigorous research and industry insight, the OU combines academic excellence with technological expertise to deliver flexible work-based learning to more than 2,800 organisations.

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