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The British Chambers of Commerce sits at the heart of a unique network of businesses across the UK.

Working together, we help firms of all sizes to achieve more. We believe it’s our relationships with others that lead us to achieve goals beyond those we could ever achieve alone. We’re the only organisation that helps British businesses to build relationships on every level. Across our network, we can connect your business locally, nationally and internationally, with other businesses, with decision-makers and with opportunities. We’re also a respected voice for business.

Our opinions are regularly sought by policymakers and parliamentarians and we’ve been helping to shape the UK’s business agenda for more than 150 years. The Chamber network sits at the heart of local business communities in every part of the UK, helping businesses of every size and sector to thrive.

We help businesses to connect, succeed and grow.

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Preparing for Brexit

Negotiations around the UK’s withdrawal from, and future relationship with, the European Union continue to be one of the dominant features of the UK political landscape.

The Chamber Network is primarily focused on the practicalities of Brexit for business communities across the UK. Since the decision to leave the EU, the BCC has campaigned for answers to the pragmatic concerns of business.

Business communities across the UK should be planning for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Learn how Chambers of Commerce can help you prepare.


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Our network connects companies with other businesses across the UK and beyond.

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We aim to celebrate the strength and success of business across the UK.

International Trade

BCC and the Accredited Chamber of Commerce Network has been helping British businesses to trade with the world for more than 150 years.

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BCC works in partnership with businesses of all sizes and sectors throughout the year.

BCC: Meaningful wage growth stifled by underlying issues in labour market

Suren Thiru, Head of Economics at the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) comments on the labour market figures for October 2018, published today by the ONS.

BCC comments on latest batch of no-deal technical notices

Co-Executive Director of Policy and Campaigns, Hannah Essex, comments on the latest batch of technical notices to advise business in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Is cash still important to businesses?

Martin Kearsley, Banking Services Director at the Post Office, explores whether UK businesses are still dependent on access to cash.

BCC Quarterly Economic Survey: Uncertainty bites as survey shows UK economy is stuck in a rut

The BCC publishes the QES for Q3 2018, which shows that attempted recruitment in the services sector now stands at the lowest level for 25 years.

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