Why you should attend the BCC Annual Conference

As we count down to next month's Annual Conference, here are five reasons to attend ‘Beyond 2020: Business Priorities for the Next Decade’ on March 5.

1. Discuss and help shape business priorities and best practice for the next decade

Britain’s departure from the European Union will bring both challenge and opportunity to the business community. We will discuss how firms are leading the way in regeneration, embracing new working practices, creating the jobs of the future and setting environmental standards across the UK.

The British Chambers of Commerce and its network is committed to supporting business during this time of change. In2020 and Beyond: business priorities for the next UK government’, we set out what policymakers must do to enable businesses of all sizes to reignite the country’s economy. The 2020 Conference will keep you up to speed with ideas that reflect the priorities of 110 business communities represented by the BCC.

2. Hear the latest policy developments

Stay up to date with the latest thinking in Westminster and understand how this will affect UK businesses, ensuring you are best informed whatever the future may bring.

As the UK shapes a new trading relationship with Europe after 31 December 2020, the BCC wants the voice of business – your voice – to be at the heart of the negotiating process. Help us communicate that message to policymakers on March 5.

3. Our lineup of inspirational speakers

Speakers and panellists from the highest level of politics and business will discuss the issues most relevant to you.

This year’s speakers include:

  • Annie Auerbach, Author, FLEX: The Modern Woman’s Handbook
  • Peter Flavel, Executive Sponsor for Enterprise, Natwest
  • Jason Groves, Chair, Dive In Festival
  • Dr Anna Jerzewska, Customs and Trade Specialist

Check the Conference website for more information of 2020 speakers and the day.

4. Themes with a practical purpose

Our key themes for 2020 reflect the key areas impacting business and the economy:

  • People – Creating workplaces for the future
  • Trade – Keeping Britain open for business
  • Infrastructure – Meeting the infrastructure challenges of tomorrow

Explored in keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive Q&A sessions, these themes will provoke discussion and provide inspiration to help you chart a course for your business.

You will have the opportunity to voice the needs of your business in the interactive Q&A sessions!

5. Networking opportunities

The Conference is an exceptional opportunity to network with hundreds of business leaders from around the UK, representing businesses of all sizes and sectors and as well as representatives from our 53 UK Chambers and 57 global members.

How can I attend?

This is an unmissable event for business leaders and those involved in corporate affairs or public policy. Secure your space now.

For further information, please contact Emma Smith.


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