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Local Economy of the Future

Empowering British Business: Surveys, Advisory, and Recognition

Economic Insights and Celebrating Business Prowess

The Quarterly Economic Survey stands as the UK’s premier independent assessment, serving as a pivotal economic barometer. By collecting extensive data from across the nation, it moulds our policy decisions, ensuring they’re informed and effective. Parallelly, the Economic Advisory Council, a consortium of esteemed economists and business stalwarts, convenes to address pressing challenges, furnishing the BCC and Chamber network with unparalleled advice.

The Chamber Business Awards punctuate the business calendar, celebrating the crème de la crème of British business. From businesses that have ingeniously diversified to stellar market performers and innovative entrepreneurs, the awards spotlight exceptional accomplishments. Nominees include those who’ve reshaped markets, showcased rapid growth, or turned a unique idea into a thriving venture.

The largest independent survey in the UK and a significant economic indicator. 

We’ve brought together experts from around the world to develop new policies to drive economic and business prosperity.

The Chamber Business Awards is one of the showpiece events in the business calendar, recognising and promoting the best of British business.


Latest News

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The BCC’s Quarterly Economic Survey shows most firms reporting no improvement in investment levels, sales or cashflow in the first quarter of 2024.