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We choose partners to support shared goals and to generate maximum strategic impact for both our partner and the BCC.

As a partner of the BCC, you will:

  • Access unparalleled insight into the UK business community via our research programme. Helping you to inform, test and accelerate your growth strategy.
  • Access the unrivalled experience and expertise of over 110 business communities regionally, nationally and globally by engaging directly with the members of our Network.
  • Access thousands of new potential customers, both nationally and internationally.
  • Work with us to make recommendations for change to Government.
  • Raise the profile of your business with extensive media and social media coverage.

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Types of partnership

Partnerships in action

Find out more about how the BCC works with partners from different sectors to support UK business.

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Partnership options

Learn about the extensive partnership options available with the British Chambers of Commerce

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Policy reports and publications

See more of the work from our high-profile policy and advocacy team that represents the interests of members in Westminster and Whitehall.

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