About the BCC

The British Chambers of Commerce sits at the heart of a unique network of businesses across the UK and around the world.

The 53 Accredited Chambers which make up our UK network are trusted champions of businesses, places, and global trade. Together, we represent tens of thousands of businesses of all shapes and sizes, which employ almost six million people across the UK.

We also have a powerful international Network with over 70 British Chambers of Commerce and business groups located in every continent of the world and directly linked to UK-based Chambers of Commerce.

Working together, we help firms of all sizes to achieve more. We believe it’s our relationships with others that lead us to achieve goals beyond those we could ever achieve alone. We’re the only organisation that helps British businesses to build relationships on every level, in every region and nation of the UK.

Our network exists to support and connect companies, bringing together firms to build new relationships, share best practice, foster new opportunities and provide practical support to help member businesses trade locally, nationally and globally. Because we sit at the heart of local business communities in every part of the UK, we are uniquely placed to help businesses of every size and sector to thrive. This includes the active role Chambers and their members undertake to improve the local business environment and communities in which they work.

Accredited Chambers of Commerce also provide a respected voice to the business communities they represent, ensuring their priorities and concerns are heard in the corridors of power. Our opinions are regularly sought by policymakers and parliamentarians and we’ve been helping to shape the UK’s business agenda for more than 150 years.

Take a look at the many ways the British Chambers of Commerce engage with the Network in the below videos:

The British Chambers of Commerce is proud to be a signatory to the ArmedForces Covenant and we are committed to supporting veterans and their families.

Our People

Executive Leadership

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Shevaun Haviland
Director General
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Claire Walker and Hannah Essex
Co-Executive Directors
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Jenny Hemsley
Finance Director
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Non-executive Leadership

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Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith  CBE , President
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Sarah Howard MBE, Chair
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Christopher Dottie MBE, Vice Chair
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Keith Johnston LLB, Non-Executive Director
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Scott Knowles, Non-executive Director
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Sandy Needham, Non-executive Director
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Stuart Patrick CBE, Non-executive Director
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Sean Ramsden MBE, Non-executive Director
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Liz Willingham, Non-executive Director
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Policy And Communications

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Steve Partridge
Head of Media and Communications
William Bain
Head of Trade Policy
Stuart Morrison
Policy and Research Executive
Balshen Izzet
Director of Campaigns
Alex Veitch
Director of Policy and Public Affairs
Mary Hartnett
Senior Press and Communications Officer
David Bharier
Head of Research
Bryony Graham
Head of Marketing and Membership Communications
Jane Gratton
Head of People Policy
Leona Murphy
Membership Communications and Marketing Executive
Adam Szpala
Head of Public Affairs

Business Development

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Sophia Cotgrove
Partnership Development Manager
Carol-Lyn Vosloo
Partnership Delivery Manager
Faye Busby
Director of Business Development
Maria Matakova
Partnership Delivery Administrator
Luke Flinders
Head of Affinity Partnerships
Carla Robinson
Commercial Coordinator

International Trade

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Anne-Marie Martin
Director Global Business Networks
Liam Smyth
Director of Trade Facilitation
Paul Wrighting
Senior Documentation and Trade Training Manager

Chamber Customs

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Mitchell Perks
Customs Operations Manager
Heidi Toms
Office Manager
Helen Symons
Customs Compliance Analyst
Geraldine Shand
Customs Compliance Analyst
Faye Busby
Director of Business Development
Marika Majewska
Sales Analyst
Alex Sharp
Customs Compliance Analyst
Liam Smyth
Director of Trade Facilitation
Emmanuel Gianquitto
Consultant - Customs and Trade
Dr Anna Jerzewska
Consultant - Customs and Trade
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Corporate Services

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Joy Shewring
Director of Accreditation
Phoebe Pattison
Executive Assistant
Preeti Lal
Operations Manager

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