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We are the heart of a dynamic Network shaping the future of business

Our organisation unites 53 accredited UK Chambers and operates in over 75 international markets. Within our Network, businesses have the opportunity to grow, thrive, and empower their communities.

With roots in the UK and with international influence, our powerful Network amplifies its members’ voices, giving companies the opportunity to drive change both in their communities and on the global stage.

Built on over 160 years of history, the Chamber of Commerce Network is passionately committed to giving companies a place to be inspired, the support to grow, and a space where every business belongs.

Businesses are the backbone of our nation, so we’re proud to celebrate and amplify their impact on local communities. Our UK Network represents over 50,000 businesses which employ six million people across every region of the UK.

Our Chambers use their trusted experience and knowledge to unite businesses, unlock their potential, and in turn, help their communities to thrive. We invite you to join a powerful collective of businesses to connect, grow, and be empowered to make a difference. With the BCC, you’re in good company.

People are stronger together, and so are businesses. As a great uniter of businesses, the BCC helps firms of all sizes to achieve more than they could alone. British businesses count on us to help them build relationships at every level and in every region – a scale unmatched by any other organisation.

Dependable pillars of business, our Network exists to support and connect companies. By building meaningful relationships, sharing best practice, fostering new opportunities, and providing practical support, we help member businesses to trade locally, nationally, and globally.

We listen to the priorities and concerns of our members, draw on our extensive knowledge and expertise to support them, and catalyse true regional and national growth.

Accredited Chambers of Commerce are respected advocates for the business communities they represent, ensuring their priorities and concerns are heard in the corridors of power. Policymakers and parliamentarians frequently seek our opinions, recognising our expertise in shaping the business agenda for over 160 years.

Together, we can be architects of a thriving economic landscape.

From the smallest local business to the largest overseas company, the BCC has undeniable influence. Harnessing the power of our extensive international network, we play a pivotal role in driving global trade.

The 19,000 companies we represent overseas encompass 18 million employees. These companies – spread throughout every continent – directly link back to us. Through the BCC’s efforts, our small island is the beating heart of an international business network.



Enriching businesses and communities, one meaningful partnership at a time.


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