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Customs Declaration Training

Customs Declaration Training


Boost Your Customs Declaration Expertise

Prepare yourself to face customs confidently with our Customs Declaration Overview course, now updated to cover declarations made via CDS.

Attendees of this one-day course will learn the roles and responsibilities of each party involved in a customs declaration, the information that needs to be supplied and submitted by each party, and the differences between CHIEF and CDS.

Is your company prepared for the upcoming deadlines?

After five years of preparation, The Customs Declaration Service (CDS) will be the long-term replacement for the current CHIEF (Customs Handling Imports and Export Freight) platform – replacing a system based on paperwork with a digital platform.

CHIEF has already closed its e-doors for import declarations on 30 September 2022. The final closure for export declarations will be on 30 March 2024.

Who is this training course tailored for?

This course is aimed at companies thinking of completing their own customs declarations, those that wish to better understand their responsibilities, and those that wish to ensure they are compliant with HMRC regulations.

No previous knowledge is required for this course.

Our training is instructor-led, delivered online with a remote package comprising e-learning modules. There is no previous knowledge required for this course.

If you work in one of the following departments of a trading business in the UK, this course will be beneficial to you:

  • Shipping
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Finance
  • Export administration
  • Export sales administration

Course outcome:

Attendees will have the knowledge to check a customs declaration for both import and export produced either by the company or a customs agent.

The following topics will be covered in this training course:

  • Introduction to trade
  • Business responsibilities
  • Export process
  • Import process
  • Valuation – explanation of the fiscal process of establishing the ‘customs value’ different from invoice value of goods and their application.
  • Classification – determining the use of commodity codes
  • How to use appropriate customs procedures
  • Customs procedures – export and import controls
  • Reliefs
  • Preferences

Bolt-On Customs Advisory Consultation Service

As an additional service after the training, you can add a four-hour advisory service at a reduced price. This will give you access to one of our consultants for a high-level analysis of specific challenges your business faces when importing and exporting.


Instructor-led & delivered online with a remote package comprising e-learning modules. Includes an interactive Q&A session.

Training and Support Costs


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