Trade Timelines

Ensure your International Trade runs smoothly with our easy to use documents, referencing key timelines for the new trade agreements.

Find out more on the following topics:

1. UK Free Trade Agreements negotiations and other accessions

2. Great Britain - Northern Ireland, Trade and expiry of easements on the Protocol on Ireland/ Northern Ireland

3) United Kingdom - European Union, Trade and expiry of easement

4) UK- Rest of the World, Trade Negotiations

‘Welcome Step, Now Let’s Power the Recovery’ - BCC on End of Plan B

"News of the end of work from home guidance will be welcomed by business, particularly those based in city and town centres which rely on footfall from office workers."

BCC  says inflation will climb further in months ahead

Inflation will continue to soar in the coming months as surging energy prices, rising raw material costs and the reversal of the VAT reductions for hospitality push it well above 6% by April.

New generation of exporters needed to power economic growth - BCC Trade Manifesto

The British Chambers of Commerce has set out its manifesto to recruit legions of new UK exporters as its research continues to show poor overseas trade growth.

BCC says November Trade data shows imports rebounding as exports remain flat

Looking at the last six months, a clear picture is emerging of significantly lower EU imports to the UK than three years ago, with a smaller reduction in exports to the EU.