How We Help

Too few British firms make the most of trading opportunities.
Chambers of Commerce stand ready to help a company evaluate their products and services for trade, identify potential opportunities abroad, and ensure they have the infrastructure in place to support their exporting ambition.
Our experts guide companies on how to trade globally.

Where appropriate, Chambers of Commerce can also offer a detailed assessment including a review of intellectual property risks, trademarks, branding, packaging, pricing, safety certification, customs regulations, and relevant legislation.

Export Market Seminars

Chambers also hold regular trade-focused seminars, open to both members and non-members, giving exporters access to a wealth of information and advice, and meet fellow exporters and other businesses considering a move into international trade. Peer-to-peer guidance is always crucial, as exporters always want to hear from those with experience.

Overseas Market Intelligence

Chambers of Commerce help exporters find the key markets for their business by considering markets for their ease of access, and the level of demand for their product. Once a market has been targeted, Chambers provide market-specific intelligence, including customs requirements and in-market contacts, to ensure that the company’s efforts are directed towards the right targets.

Risk Management

Exporters face several risks, such as non-payment of invoices, political instability, and IP theft. To minimise these, Chambers of Commerce provide businesses with market intelligence and information to help them analyse their risks and opportunities.

Advice, Signposting, and Reassurance

Aside from providing certified documents and associated services, the Accredited Chamber of Commerce Network also delivers advice to around 1,500 companies every week.

As a trusted source of information, Chamber specialists are there to provide reassurance on technical issues, that could otherwise slow down exporters when entering a market for the first time, or when they have a new product for despatch into an existing market.

Our teams use the knowledge and expertise that they have on the latest exporting rules, and act as a signpost to the latest government sources on advice and other requirements.

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