BCC Trade Support

Supporting trade locally, nationally, and globally remains a key mission for every Accredited Chamber of Commerce.

We are proud of our network of more than 350 qualified specialists in the Chamber Network, who are on hand every working day to help business and international trade to flourish. Every Accredited Chamber provides local businesses with access to a range of services to support that aim.

How the BCC supports trade

When it comes to changes in how we trade with other nations, the BCC works with the government departments involved and provides advice, guidance and support. Like government, we want to ensure that whatever trade arrangements are made with a trade bloc or individual country have a positive impact on British businesses. Our team regularly meets with government ministers and officials at all levels, and help to arrange ministerial visits to business communities around the UK.

The BCC is uniquely placed to engage with business organisations across the globe through the World Trade Organisation, the World Customs Organisation and the World Chambers Federation, where the UK plays a leading role representing the interest of UK exporters and importers. Businesses can also draw on our Global Business Network, who stand ready to provide a 'soft landing' for UK firms arriving in a trading location across the world.

We also provide a voice for international trade through major events, such as the International Trade Summit and the Annual Conference, where international trade is always on the agenda.

The BCC produces a wide range of publications and research on trade. Our work focuses on the latest trends in international trade, and issues and markets important to UK businesses around the world.

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Where can I go to for trade support and advice?

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How local Chambers of Commerce support trade

Across the UK Chambers of Commerce are the front door to international trade at a local level. In many regions, Chambers work with the Department for International Trade to offer direct advice and support to firms - and also offer commercial services that help businesses trade.

Accredited Chambers work with devolved governments, LEPs, local councils and others to develop new forms of support for business and export growth. In the devolved administrations, our Chambers partner with enterprise organisations to deliver enhanced support for business.