The Vegetarian Butcher

Vegetarian Butcher: Bring the New Meat to The Table

All about impact

Serving canapes in aprons made from Apple Leather, the Vegetarian Butcher emphasises the sustainability choices endorsed by their business.

Global food production is the single largest driver of environmental degradation. Scientists and policymakers around the world recognise that reducing animal meat consumption and switching to a plant-based diet can be a significant part of the solution. With the world becoming more aware of meat production's environmental impact, The Vegetarian Butcher believes plant-based alternatives are a vital part of the process.

Butcher for the Future
The Vegetarian Butcher is one of the world's leading plant-based meat businesses, aiming to become the most impactful butcher in the world. Dedicated to creating high-quality, plant-based meat that is comparable to animal products in taste, texture and nutritional value. A product for meat lovers, from vegans to carnivores.

Releasing animals from the food chain

Removing animals from the equation and shortening the food chain impacts greenhouse emissions drastically. The new vegan raw burger reduces carbon emissions by 90%, using 70% less water in production than UK pasture-fed cattle. Its nutritional value is also superior, with 40% less saturated fat and considerably more iron than beef with extra vitamin B12 and iron.

Fuelling the Food Revolution
The Vegetarian Butcher has been fuelling the food revolution since 2012. Founded by Jaap Korteweg, a ninth-generation farmer and meat lover, on a mission to become the biggest butcher in the world. For COP26, The Vegetarian Butcher launched its ‘Elephant in the Room’ campaign, calling on policymakers to integrate meat consumption into their national action plans.

Together we can make this Food Revolution happen. Join the movement. Take #ClimeatAction.