BCC Regional Assembly Membership

Each Accredited Chamber of Commerce has been asked to formally submit the names and titles of their three Regional Assembly members.

The updated BCC Articles state that each Chamber should be represented by:

  • President/Chair;
  • Chief Executive; and
  • one additional Chamber member (for example, an active, engaged Board/Council member).

Confirmation is requested from each Accredited Chamber, in keeping with the different governance structures around the Network. The spirit of the Articles is to ensure strong non-executive and executive representation. While it is understandable that not every Assembly member may be able to attend every meeting, the aim is to ensure participation from all Accredited Chambers at each meeting.

We would be grateful if all Chambers could use the web form below to communicate the names of their representatives securely to BCC, by no later than 15 February 2019, so that we can convene the assemblies as planned in the ensuing weeks. Alternatively these can be sent to Ronan Quigley, BCC Company Secretary. The contact details of Regional Assembly members will be used only in connection with the conveneing of, and materials for, assembly functions.

As it is important for potential Regional Assembly representatives to understand the duties and commitments envisaged under the new Articles approved by the Network, both a role description and a list of meeting dates for 2019/20 (confirmed or tentative) can be found below.

Role Description

Download role description

Regional Assembly Dates

The Regional Assemblies will take place on the following dates:

North: Tuesday 5th March

South East: Thursday 21st February

Midlands: Thursday 7th March

South West & Wales: Tuesday 19th March

Scotland: Thursday 21st March

Submission Form

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