Dinner Menu: It's all about the choices you make

Have you ever sat down for a meal and wondered about the carbon footprint? With this menu you can!

The COP26 Frontrunners’ dinner was accompanied by validated carbon calculations from Greendish at the Ardnamurchan restaurant in Glasgow.

The Story Behind the Menu

The ingredients and quantities of the six dishes at the COP26 Frontrunners dinner were analysed to determine their environmental impact. The graph below shows the amount of kg CO2-eq, water usage (L) and land usage (m2*year) was used per dish.

Small changes on the plate, a massive impact

The results show the environmental impact for all three indicators. After receiving these results, Ardnamurchans’ chef made changes to the venison wellington. Adjusting the portion from 180 grams to 100grams of meat per dish, led to saving 23.4% of C02, 14.6 Litres of water and 0.74 metres of land.

By adjusting the types of proteins and portion sizes of the dish, carbon emissions and waste can be drastically reduced.

Let's look at it another way

With 35 attendees, the total impact of the menu based on the dishes above would be 22 trips from Glasgow to Edinburgh (365 kg CO2), 115 showers (7.411L of water) and would require the space taken by 3 average-sized houses dedicated to livestock production (197 m2*year land)!

Every choice you make has an impact

Why is this data so important? Measuring the impact your food has on the environment brings awareness to any financial and sustainability problems and opportunities. Sustainable food lowers your carbon footprint, saves money by reducing waste and most often results in a healthier and more nutritional diet.


Greendish is dedicated to helping food service providers become more sustainable and to deliver healthier choices. By calculating the impact each dish has on the environment, they make sustainable and healthy food available to everyone and everywhere.

Read the full impact analysis report on the dinner here.