International Trade

How Accredited Chambers of Commerce support British global trade

Accredited Chambers of Commerce in every nation and region of the UK are trusted to help British goods reach customers overseas. By certifying the origin of goods, Chambers help to reduce the possibility that overseas customs authorities stop British shipments – helping to ensure the smooth passage of UK goods across international borders. Last year alone, more than 600,000 shipments were supported in this way.

Supporting trade locally, nationally, and globally remains a key mission for every Accredited Chamber of Commerce. We are proud of our network of more than 350 qualified specialists in the Chamber Network, who are on hand every working day to help business and international trade to flourish. Every Accredited Chamber provides local businesses with access to a range of services to support that aim.

In every city, town and county, Accredited Chambers of Commerce provide crucial support for businesses trading internationally. Across our network, we receive over 1,500 enquiries every week from businesses seeking advice.

Thanks to Chambers’ deep local roots and respected brand, we remain a crucial and trusted third party for businesses who want to expand overseas or bring components and goods into the UK.

BCC Trade Hub

At the British Chambers of Commerce, we believe that international trade can make every business a stronger one.

Trade Support

Supporting trade locally, nationally, and globally is a key mission for every Accredited Chamber of Commerce.

Global Business Network

Find out more about our dynamic and independent network of international Chambers of Commerce.

Trade Documentation

Your local Chamber can answer your questions on documentation and help you through the process.

Customs Declaration Training

The Chamber of Commerce network has partnered with some of the leading industry experts to launch brand new Customs Declarations Training designed to prepare businesses and trade professionals for the future of trade.

International Market Access

Get insight into the typical B2C and B2B distribution channels, and practical advice on selecting and establishing agreements with local market agents and distributors.

Trade Training

The British Chambers of Commerce has ten nationally accredited international trade courses delivered by the Accredited Chamber Network that together form an import and export curriculum.