Global Business Network

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Global Business Network is a dynamic and independent network of Chambers of Commerce in every region of the UK, with representation in key markets around the world. For over 150 years, our business has been helping UK businesses grow and trade successfully across the world.
What is the Global Business Network?

No one understands business needs better than other businesses and few organisations can draw on as much practical expertise as the British Chambers of Commerce. It's a powerful and reliable B2B network that includes Accredited Chambers of Commerce in every UK town and city, all linked to British Chambers around the world.

This means that a member business of a local Chamber in the UK can benefit from ‘takeoff’ services such as documentation, foreign exchange support, market seminars – as well as initial connections to Chambers all around the world. In turn, these can provide ‘landing’ services in-market with introductions to local partners, market entry support, overviews of cultural do’s and dont's, and much more.

Chambers of Commerce can remove the hassle of searching for business support overseas and introduce businesses to trustworthy organisations in markets around the world. The network, comprising of Chambers across every continent, as well as 53 Chambers in the UK, acts as an agile and reliable support system for businesses wishing to make it internationally. Each Chamber has a diverse membership of both services and goods companies, willing to share advice and provide trusted connections.

Our Global Business Network

If you want to start doing business internationally, the BCC Global Business Network is here to help you. As a Chamber member, you have access to the BCC Global Business Network in the below markets:

Are you an overseas British business organisation?

As we work to build the our Global Business Network, we would like to offer British Chambers of Commerce overseas the opportunity to join the BCC International Affiliate Scheme.

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