Partnership Events

The British Chambers of Commerce works with partners to deliver regional events and webinars with Chamber members across the Network.

These events are a way of sharing information and gaining the views of business across the UK offering a business insight into business matters.


This roundtable discussion, delivered in partnership with the British Chambers of Commerce and Cisco will bring SMEs from a wide range of sectors together to discuss how technology can move your business forward ultimately looking at the Future of Work.

This roundtable discussion will:

  • Share best practice for ensuring inclusivity and productivity wherever you are working
  • Cover how technology can support a secure hybrid work experience
  • Explore the challenges and solutions for hybrid working

Date: 7th September 2021

Chamber Host: East Midlands Chambers (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire)

Date: 23rd September

Chamber Host: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Date: 29th September 2021

Chamber Host: Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

To find out more please contact [email protected]



The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and TSB are bringing a new series of webinars to the Chamber Network. These roundtable webinar discussions will focus on 'No one-size fits all: how tailored business support can drive the recovery'.

Date: 4th October 2021

Chamber Host: East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

Date: 6th October 2021

Chamber Host: Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce

Partner with us

Partner with us

If you are interested in strategic partnerships or hosting webinars, roundtables and seminars at a local level, please get in touch with the team.

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‘A Thimble Of Water To Put Out A Bonfire’ - BCC On Temporary Visas For Drivers And Food Workers

BCC President, Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith CBE said: “Government has made clear its priority is to transition from a reliance on EU workers to a focus on the domestic workforce, and businesses have been ready to participate in this, but it is a long-term project. “A managed transition, with a plan agreed between government and business, should have been in place from the outset. Instead, the supply of EU labour was turned off with no clear roadmap as to how this transition would be managed without disruption to services and supply chains.

Do you have enough on your plate running a business? A smart meter could help

Running your very own restaurant, coffee shop or bar might be a dream, but you are up against huge competition, and it can be tough out there. Smart meters send your gas and electricity readings directly to your energy supplier, saving you time to focus on other jobs.

BCC calls for summit to resolve supply chain crunch

The supply chain disruption must not be allowed to worsen over the next few months in the run up to Christmas.

BCC says government must step up on energy supply security

Government must do all it can to safeguard security of supply and ensure that customers and suppliers have access to the support they need to weather this difficult period.