Entering for an award

Preparation is important. Read the entry form carefully and consider which part of the business story will address the scoring criteria and how to get as much information as necessary into the submission without exceeding the word limit.

Being so close to and passionate about what you’re explaining will result in a wealth of material, so then it’s an editing job. Consider bullet points and short sentences with impact.

There’s a balancing act between content and word limits, often including the length of your entry, which may be restricted.

The judges don’t know your story, but they do know the awards and the specified criteria, so get to the point, but don’t miss out important information. Some background is always worthwhile.

Stick to the facts and follow the award guidelines closely, but don’t be afraid of a little creativity in your writing. You don’t want to bore your reader, although you don’t want to oversell your story with creative copywriting either. Let the facts speak for themselves.

Round up your entry at the end to clearly show that your story addresses and exceeds the expectations of the award criteria.

Lastly, have fun. Awards are a fantastic recognition of great work, great people and great companies. You should be proud to be setting out your entry, so take the time to edit it down to the word limit and check all spelling and grammar.

Then, when nominations are in and you’re on the list, get the suits and dresses at the ready for a great night at the ceremony, regardless of the outcomes!

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