6 secrets to winning business awards

1.Be smart about which awards you enter. There are over 1,000 to choose from so be sure to pick the business awards that you have the best chance of winning based on your strengths rather than ones that have simply been recommended to you. We know from our vast experience of helping our clients to find, enter and win awards that choosing the right awards based on your strengths will increase your chances of winning by about 20% before you even put pen to paper. Be honest about what you are good at and how you can demonstrate this to the judges.

2.Once you have identified your strengths and found some appropriate awards, don’t agonise over which ones to enter. You have to be in it to win it so enter all relevant awards. Winning awards is a numbers game so it stands to reason that the more you enter the greater your chances of winning.

3.Remember that you must prove to the judges that you are the best organisation that entered that particular award or category in order to win. That does not mean that you have to be the best in the UK or the World, just the best organisation that entered that particular award. So be confident and take action by submitting an entry – you stand a better chance than you think of winning.

4.To impress the judges your entry must stand out. Talk is cheap, the judges will want to see proof of any claims you make about being the best, offering great service, value for money, being innovative etc so be sure to provide that proof. Competitor analysis and sales, turnover and profit figures speak for themselves and are not subjective. Be sure to answer all the questions the judges ask too, rather than just the ones that suit you to answer. You will be scored down if you don’t fulfil all the entry requirements.

5.The world is full of great ideas that sound good but didn’t work or make any money in reality. You must demonstrate that your product / service has a market, that there is a demand from that market and that the business is sustainable.

6.Write in plain English and keep it simple. The judges may not be experts in your niche, may not understand jargon and will probably have lots of entries to judge so don’t alienate them by assuming they know every detail about your sector or product. If you can’t write well and in plain English then find someone that can.

Awards Intelligence have probably drafted more successful business award entries and personal honour nominations than anyone else in the world. Increase your chances of winning and save valuable time by letting our experts professionally draft your entry.

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