Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions frequently asked about the British Chambers of Commerce and the wider Chamber Network.

If you have any further questions, please submit an enquiry.

If your company needs help to consider the changes that Brexit may bring, and help to plan at both operational and Board level, check out our Brexit Hub.

Where do I go for trade documentation, advice and assistance, or a general export enquiry?

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Accredited Chambers of Commerce are the only designated issuing bodies for much of the important export documentation required to export goods such as:

  • Arab-British Certificates of Origin
  • EUR1 and ATR form authentication
  • ATA Carnets
  • Letters of Credit preparation & processing service
  • International Import Certificates
  • Standard Shipping Notes and Dangerous Goods Notes Online service

For more information or export assistance and guidance, please contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

Where can I find more information about Brexit and how to prepare?

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Please visit our Preparing For Brexit Hub here.

Where can I find information on what paperwork is required for importing and exporting goods?

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You can find basic information provided by the government covering what paperwork is required for contracts, licenses, declarations and documents for importing and exporting goods and services here.

Where can I find information about Import, Export and Customs relief?

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For this information please contact HMRC, and visit their website.

What are the benefits of joining my local Chamber of Commerce?

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Chambers of Commerce are modern, dynamic, and vibrant champions of business communities all across the UK. Together they are the voice of Britain’s civic businesses, helping companies, places, and people to achieve their full potential. Read more about the benefits of joining our Network here, and find your local Chamber of Commerce here.

I want to set up a business – what help can I get?

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You can contact your local Accredited Chamber of Commerce to find out what help and support is available locally. The UK Government also provides guidance for starting up a new business.

I am interested in vacancies within the British Chambers of Commerce Network - where can I find more information?

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Please note that we do not accept or review unsolicited CVs or applications. You can see the current vacancies in the BCC and Chamber Network here.

You can find contact information for your local Chambers to enquire about their vacancies here.

What does the British Chambers of Commerce do and where can I find more information?

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The British Chambers of Commerce sits at the heart of a unique network of businesses across the UK. The 53 Accredited Chambers which make up our network are trusted champions of businesses, places, and global trade. Chambers of Commerce provide a voice to the business communities they represent, amplifying their priorities and concerns. In every region and nation of the UK, Chambers and their members work to improve the local business environment in which they operate.

For more information about the BCC, please see the About Us section.

How can I join the British Chambers of Commerce?

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The British Chambers of Commerce is a network of 53 Accredited Chambers of Commerce. For more information, please see the About Us section. UK companies can join their local Chamber of Commerce.

For overseas companies, you can join one of our Global Business Network, find more information here.

Am I a member of the British Chambers of Commerce?

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The BCC does not have network-wide membership. If you are a member it will either be through one or more of our local UK Chambers of Commerce or our Global Business Network.

Where can I find information about the BCC's events?

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To find out about the events and programmes in the BCC's calendar please visit the Events section of our website. If you have a particular query, please email [email protected].

Who do I contact about a product or service I think would benefit the British Chamber of Commerce Network?

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Accredited Chambers of Commerce offer a range of business services which are available to members. These services help businesses thrive – demonstrating cost savings, offering unique benefits and helping to drive business growth. You can learn more about services currently offered here.

If you have products and services available on a national scale and suitable for network-wide offers, please email [email protected].

For products or services suited for local businesses or sector-specific industries, please contact one or more appropriate local Chambers of Commerce.

Note: The BCC does not record or share information about member businesses, for more information refer to the local Chamber of Commerce.

How can I find information about a legitimate, registered company in the UK?

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All UK companies (except for Sole Traders) must register at Companies House.

Can you provide me with a list of businesses in specific sectors?

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The BCC does not provide information like this. You can try contracting the relevant trade associations for more information, searchable here.

What data does the BCC make available?

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The BCC collects business survey data through its national polling programme and Quarterly Economic Survey. This data covers a range of areas relating to business sentiment, including general business conditions, views on taxation, international trade, and the labour market. The publicly available data from our business surveys can be found on our site here.

Access to the BCC’s data beyond those already included on our site may be subject to additional permission and/or agreement. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

What is Business Banking Insight?

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Business Banking Insight (BBI) is an independent survey of the UK’s business banking accounts, credit cards, loans and other services, asking thousands of small and medium-sized business owners about their business banking experiences. These results are delivered via a bespoke website, so businesses can see how they compare. For more details please visit the Business Banking Insight website.

The BCC programme is independent of any business banking provider and is actively supported by HM Treasury. It is run by the British Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses with an advisory group consisting of key stakeholders including HM Treasury, UK Finance and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Leading independent research company FACTS International have been commissioned on behalf of the British Chambers of Commerce to deliver the Business Banking Bank Insight survey.

What do I do if I have a complaint about a limited company in the UK?

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Please visit this government web page.

How do I report cyber-crime or fraud?

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You can report cases of cyber-crime or fraud to Action Fraud.

What do I do about suspicious communications claiming to be from the BCC?

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If you think you have been fraudulently contacted by an organisation using the BCC's name, please immediately contact [email protected] or 020 7654 5800.