Global Business Network

For 160 years our business has been helping UK businesses grow and trade successfully across the world.

The British Chambers of Commerce Global Business Network is comprised of member British Chambers of Commerce and business groups that are located across all continents of the world and directly linked to Chambers of Commerce in every region of the UK.

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What is the Global Business Network?

A comprehensive international network of British Chambers of Commerce and business groups located across the world, that will drive two-way commerce and business between each location and the UK.

The network acts as an agile and reliable ecosystem for businesses wishing to widen their international horizons. Each Chamber has a diverse membership of both services and goods companies, willing to share advice and provide trusted connections. This means that a company that is a member of any Chamber in the BCC network can benefit from international B2B connections, support services and solutions, practical advice about the local business environment and potential market opportunities.

To find out more about how your company can connect to any of the Chambers in our membership, or if you are a British Chamber of Commerce located anywhere in the world and wish to discuss the benefits of membership of the BCC Global Business Network, please contact our Director for Global Business Networks, Anne-Marie Martin.

Our Global Business Network

If you want to start doing business internationally, the BCC Global Business Network is here to help you. As a Chamber member, you have access to the BCC Global Business Network in the below markets:

Are you an overseas British business organisation?

As we work to build the our Global Business Network, we would like to offer British Chambers of Commerce overseas the opportunity to join the BCC International Affiliate Scheme.

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