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LATAC Forward Look July 2021

Trade deals are again high on the agenda. On 22nd June, the UK launched formal accession negotiations to join The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

CPTTP is particularly advanced in both digital and services trade, which plays to Britain’s strengths as the world’s second-largest services exporter. UK accession will benefit our economies, including Chile’s, Mexico’s and Peru’s by increasing trade and investment opportunities to help recover and build back from the challenges posed by COVID-19 in the UK and in Latin America. You can find the document detailing the UK’s strategic approach to joining CPTPP available here.

The following calls are still open, don’t miss your chance and one new item to share:

  • Please find the link to the consultation page for the forthcoming Mexico trade agreement- this is a great opportunity for UK businesses to put forward their position, challenges and future needs. Thinking about how Mexico can be used for nearshoring across multiple sectors; make this a choice moment. The deadline is 12th July.
  • DIT in partnership with Vale, is hosting a Virtual Meet the Buyer to introduce UK businesses to their Powershift Project in Brazil. Vale [mining sector] is especially interested in partners for their Pelletizing Process Stage (induration furnace), deadline 11th July.

Times remain challenging for colleagues and partners based across LATAC and we do all we can to support and monitor the situation. In spite of this, our team remains dedicated to championing UK-LATAC trade, and for July are pushing through before the expected lull for the UK summer holidays. Please note that the listings below are all in UK time, some are delivered by DIT, those hosted outside of DIT may incur a fee:

  • 7th July, 4pm, Webcast, Peru: Forestry (reforestation, afforestation and revegetation). As part of the Government to Government umbrella between UK-Peru. Broadcast in Spanish: Facebook Broadcast in English: Youtube
  • 15th July, Cybersecurity solutions for the banking sector [Argentina and wider LATAM] Contact the organiser Sonia Aponte
  • 22nd July, 2pm, Webinar, FinTech solutions: Chile. Contact the organiser Barbara Hollyhead
  • 27th July, Meet the Buyer: CyberSecurity Stakeholders Brazil. Contact the organiser Carlos Lima

Don’t forget that you can view all these and more on our dedicated page for LATAC events:

Update June 2021

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Update June 2021

DIT national survey of registered businesses' exporting behaviours, attitudes and needs 2020 was published this month.

The National Survey of Registered Businesses (NSRB) is commissioned by the Department for International Trade (DIT) to monitor businesses’ exporting behaviours, plans, capabilities and attitudes.

Findings include:

The NSRB allocates businesses into one of 4 segments that reflect their exporting behaviour. In 2020, the proportions of businesses falling into each segment were very similar to previous waves.

In 2020:

  • a third of businesses (34%) had exported either goods or services in the past 12 months and therefore fell into the ‘Sustain’ segment
  • a further 6% were either lapsed or intermittent exporters, who had not exported in the past 12 months but had done previously. These made up the ‘Reassure’ segment
  • around one in 7 businesses (15%) were in the Promote segment. This means they had never exported but had goods or services either suitable for export or could be developed for export.

Partners Update March 2021

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Partners Update March 2021

You may have noticed that UKEF recently launched the Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee which covers a loan to an overseas buyer to finance the purchase of capital goods, services and/or intangibles from a UK supplier.

The Export Academy currently supports businesses in the North of England, Midlands, and the South West with up to £500,000 turnover with expert advice to grow internationally.

We have produced an Export Academy Partner and Stakeholder Toolkit for Partners to use in support of any promotional activity on the Export Academy programme.

Top Takeaways

Round 4 of our negotiations with Australia have concluded positively

Agreement reached with US to suspend trade tariffs for the next 4 months

Launched Global Britain, Local Jobs report with the Board of Trade. Access the report here

Budget 2021

  • New Economic Decision-Making Campus will be based in Darlington. This will increase DIT’s presence in the north of England and bring staff closer to the communities and businesses we serve.
  • As part of Government's objective of attracting highly skilled, globally mobile talent, DIT received a £1 million increase in funding for 2021-22 for the Global Entrepreneurship Programme.
  • The Chancellor’s Plan for Growth captures DIT programmes and support for business, including our Free Trade Agreement Programme, our work at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and G7, the Office for Investment, and the importance of trade and investment led recovery.
  • The Plan for Growth sets out how UKEF’s new lending capacity and products will help large and small exporters achieve international success.
  • The first 8 Freeport locations in England have been announced. Freeports will attract new business, spread jobs, investment and opportunity to towns and cities across the country.
  • A full rundown of the things you need to know about the Budget can be found here.

UK’s Largest Virtual Trade Mission

  • Minister Stuart launched the UK’s largest ever virtual trade mission on 2 March.

Additional information about the UK-Japan FTA Implementation Campaign – Spring Mission is below – please feel free to share this with your clients.

Wider business support

These resources and tools are available to help businesses navigate our new trading environment:

Championing Trade - upcoming events

A full calendar of DIT and global trade events can be found here.


 Responding to the news that fully vaccinated travellers from the EU and US will not have to quarantine, British Chambers of Commerce Co-Executive Director, Claire Walker, said:      “For the hundreds of thousands of people directly employed in the travel industry and the many more that are part of supply chains, this will be welcome news."


Responding to yesterday's ONS trade statistics, William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce, said: “The pandemic and the shift to new trading conditions in how UK companies sell services to the EU have led to a clear reduction in UK-EU services trade compared with 2019. Today’s ONS data release shows services trade with the EU fell at a brisker rate than trade with the rest of the world over the two years to the end of March 2021. Services exports to the EU fell by 14.7% in that period and imports by 38.8%."


While it will be a relief to some businesses in England that select critical workers can be exempt from self-isolation, it will leave many more still facing critical staff shortages and lost revenue as the number of people being asked to isolate remains high.

BCC Calls for Negotiated Settlement Following Latest NI Protocol Announcement

Responding to the announcement of the new UK approach to the Northern Ireland Protocol, William Bain, Head of Trade Policy at the BCC, said: “Businesses in both Great Britain and Northern Ireland need durable, workable, negotiated solutions on compliance with the Protocol to ensure the continued two-way flow of goods East-West and North-South. The UK Government and EU need to work together to find solutions which work for business."