BCC Campaigns

The issues that matter most to your business

While BCC’s lobbying and representation work is a constantly evolving series of activities aimed at representing the best interests of British business, we have a number of key campaigning areas which run throughout the year.

These include ensuring the fundamentals of the UK business environment are right, enhancing the UK’s mobile and digital capabilities, and putting the practical concerns of business at the heart of the Brexit process.

Restart, Rebuild, Renew


The UK’s impending departure from the EU will bring change for businesses of every size and sector across the country. Since the decision to leave the EU, the BCC has campaigned for answers to the pragmatic concerns of business.


At a time of critical levels of skills shortages, weak productivity and increasing changes in the way people work, the Chamber Network is launching a campaign to address these crucial issues.

2020 and Beyond

Many of the biggest challenges and opportunities facing the UK economy have little or nothing to do with the UK’s departure from the European Union. To equip the country for future success, there must be radical action to fix the fundamentals here at home.

No More Not Spots

Access to mobile voice call services is a basic requirement of business today: that’s why the British Chambers of Commerce has launched a campaign calling for No More Not Spots.