Restart, Rebuild, Renew

Renew: Recommendations for building back stronger

Renew follows on from our 2020 Restart and 2021 Rebuild documents which set out frameworks for a phased reopening of the economy and building greater resilience for firms and households.

Take a look at our Renew publication below.

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Restart: a phased reopening of the economy

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Public health must be at the heart of plans to reopen services and businesses. 10% of businesses won’t be able to open at all under the government’s current working safely guidance. A phased approach to re-opening must account for the links between firms and the services they need to operate such as transport, schools, childcare and many more.

37% of businesses said they were able to implement the government's working safely guidance and restart fully.

To help firms protect their people and customers through these changes, they need a clear understanding of their responsibilities and liabilities, and plans for the reopening of the services such as schools and public transport that enable their businesses to operate.

  • Safely re-open public spaces and restore services (including schools and public transport)
  • Safely re-open workplaces and commercial spaces
  • Minimise job losses and business failures
  • Rebuild supply chains and customer bases
  • Enable an effective reopening of the UK economy

Download the full proposals here.

Rebuild: building resilience for firms and households

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Steps to help businesses and the wider economy to recover from the impact of coronavirus, including building resilience and mitigating the impact of sectoral and regional restrictions.

The global pandemic that emerged in 2020 saw the UK economy suffer its biggest shock in living memory. Positive action is now needed to help businesses of all sectors, shapes and sizes to accelerate their recovery and return the UK to growth and prosperity. The recommendations within our Rebuild report have been developed by the Chamber Network, based on our extensive research programme and direct insight into the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on businesses up and down the country.

Download the Rebuild Report here.

BCC welcomes launch of UK-Mexico trade negotiations

The BCC is urging negotiators to set an ambitious new agreement that focuses on the growing market in green trade, as well as future proofing access for further expansion in services.


Four out of five employers (81%) say they have been impacted by the increase in national insurance contributions Higher prices, reduced investment and increased staff costs were among the main effects cited


The jump in UK inflation in April is eye-watering and underscores the growing cost-of-living crisis facing households and the damaging squeeze on firms' ability to invest and operate at full capacity.


Although payroll employment continues to rise and the unemployment rate is falling, the headline figures reflect several distorting factors, including rising economic inactivity.