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Greener connected futures

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The recent disruption to the way we live and work means it’s a good time for organisations to push forward with net zero goals and invest in technologies that will lead to a greener, more connected, more resilient future.

The Greener Connected Futures whitepaper from O2, in partnership with IC&CO and Cenex, outlines the role that connectivity, innovation and 5G solutions can play in reducing carbon emissions across key industries to avoid over 200 megatonnes of carbon by 2035.

View the report here.

Climate action: the journey to net zero by 2025

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Listen to Episode 10 of O2’s Blue Door Podcast, bought to you by O2 Business, where they discuss the role of technology in helping organisations to bring out their best for people, planet and business.

This episode kicks off with the fundamental question: What does ‘net-zero’ actually mean? Tracey Herald, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at O2, talks about O2’s progress to date and discusses:

  • the changes that individual organisations can make
  • the importance of collaboration and partnerships
  • how to bring your suppliers along on the net zero journey
  • the effects of the pandemic on the targets already in place

Listen here.

Creating a dynamic workforce - empowering employees for productivity and growth

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The traditional office-based desk worker has had to adapt to new ways of working over the past 12 months. But what has the impact been on motivation, working patterns and productivity?

To help people work at their best, we need to fully understand the factors that affect each individual’s wellbeing and productivity.

O2 spoke to thousands of employees and identified seven types of workers, based on the way they like to work and live. That could be working from home, the office or a coffee shop – either 9 to 5, or outside those traditional hours. Their research and resulting whitepaper shows what employers need to focus on to promote productivity and growth in the world of ‘dynamic working’.

Read the whitepaper here.

The new era of flexible working

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Recent events have put the flexible working agenda into fast-forward. Many companies have rolled out large-scale remote working policies in a matter of weeks.

O2’s flexible working research paper was in its data collection phase, just one week before lockdown was brought into effect. They asked 2,000 people in the UK for their views on the future of flexible working. O2 were able to continue collecting responses during the first week of lockdown.

They asked people what they hoped might change and what impact could COVID-19 have on the world of business?

Read the whitepaper here.

Why sustainability is good for business (and how to get started)

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What can UK businesses do to make sustainability a part of their business plans?

O2’s Will Kirkpatrick, Head of Sustainability and Social Impact, asked Nick Torday, Co-Founder of sustainable lifestyle company Bower Collective.

Read the Blog here.

Laying out the roadmap to sustainable business models

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The climate emergency is co-called for a reason – it is a problem that demands an urgent response. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today. The UK’s net zero target may not be until 2050, but in order to reach it we must work together now.

O2 is on a mission to build a greener future, and they recognise the incredible potential of digital connectivity to do just this.

Connectivity can play a positive role in enabling sectors to reduce carbon. This series of video studies focus on highlighting the possibilities and benefits of connectivity to create a low carbon future.

Watch the video blog here:

Laying out the roadmap to sustainable business models

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The climate emergency is called so for a reason – it is a problem that demands an urgent response. Not tomorrow, not next week, but today.

Here, Jo Bertram, Managing Director of Business at O2, explains about the digital connectivity projects they have invested in across a range of business sectors.

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#GreenerFuture Case Studies

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Helpful and interesting case studies across a range of GreenerFuture topics, including:

  • Utilities and Home Heating
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • O2's Greener Network

Watch here