UK Government Support

In 2019, the UK Government and the devolved administrations committed to the net zero target as recommended by the Climate Change Committee.

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Support, Subsidies and Incentives

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Find funding to help your business become greener

Almost £5 billion of funding is available to help UK businesses become greener as part of the government’s commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050.

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Workplace Charging Scheme Application form

Find out more about this voucher-based scheme that provides support towards the up-front costs of the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge points.

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Low Carbon Heating Innovation Grant Scheme

This grant scheme aims to develop technologies that reduce the carbon emissions associated with providing heat and hot water to UK buildings.

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Carbon Calculator

The MacKay Carbon Calculator allows you to explore pathways to decarbonisation, including net zero by 2050.

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SME Climate Hub

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Haven't made the commitment yet? Become a UK Business Climate Leader today. Find out more here.

Made the commitment and looking to do your bit? Find a range of tools to help you spread the word about your commitment here.

United Nations Race to Zero

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One third of UK’s biggest companies commit to net zero.

30 of the UK’s FTSE100 companies have signed up to the United Nation’s Race to Zero campaign.

Find out which companies have signed up here.

The Switch to Electric Vehicles

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Low emission and electric vehicles

Information on funding and charge point schemes and renewable fuels

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Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure

Find out what electric vehicles are and how successive governments have planned for infrastructure and provided vehicle grants and incentives to encourage and accommodate their growth.

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Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme: eligible vehicles

Find a list of vehicles eligible for the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme here.

Schemes To Help With Reducing Carbon

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Industrial decarbonisation strategy

Setting out how industry can decarbonise in line with net zero while remaining competitive and without pushing emissions abroad.

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Net Zero Innovation Portfolio

Provides funding for low-carbon technologies and systems. Decreasing the costs of decarbonisation, the Portfolio will help enable the UK to end its contribution to climate change.

Find out more here.

Net Zero Transport Board

An external advisory board which provides independent, objective and impartial advice on transport decarbonisation to the Department for Transport.

Find out more here.

Energy White Paper

Addressing the transformation of the UK’s energy system, promoting high-skilled jobs and clean, resilient economic growth whilst delivering reduced net zero emissions by 2050.

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Key support for small businesses

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