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We all have a clear imperative to do more to reduce our contribution to changes in our planet’s climate (‘net zero’), including creating the right conditions and incentives for companies to play their part. But we also have to accept there is a need to build business and social resilience to the kinds of changes we can already expect from changing global weather patterns.

This may mean that businesses need to think about how they will mitigate the effect upon their UK sited operations, for example in areas which are now more prone to flooding than before. Firms may also need to think about their global supply chains, and whether they can rely on consistency of production and transportation. Alternatively, it may mean customer demands change in certain areas, which businesses should support.

This part of our website will contain insight, analysis and support for business and policy-makers drawn from our UK Accredited Chambers and Global Business Network to help companies mitigate and manage the Climate Challenge on their operations.

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