Climate Challenge

For the member businesses of the UK’s Accredited Chambers of Commerce and the Global Business Network, the Climate Challenge is the single most important long-term issue. Our members want to rise to the occasion and play their part in meeting this inter-generational problem head on because of their keen sense of social value and connection to local and global communities.

We at the British Chambers of Commerce are committed to helping them play their role through a wide range of initiatives. This Hub, developed with partners who share our ambition and values, is one of those initiatives, and it showcases many more. It comprises three sections, which will evolve and grow over time to give businesses more insight, support and best practice help, allowing them to understand how they can best make their contribution and what is expected of them. We have also set out some of our key ideas for how Government can create the right incentives and structures.

  • Climate Challenge Central: we are already seeing the effects of climate change on society, and so businesses want to know not only how to help stop the process, but how to live with its effects. The BCC will set out its key resources on doing that in this section.
  • Net Zero Hub: we have pooled our network’s expertise with partners to help businesses and Government alike understand how we can work together to minimise our climate change gas emissions as a community.
  • COP26: the 26th UN Climate Change Conference, held in Glasgow from 31 October - 12 November 2021, is a key date for the international community to come together and set out how we will meet the Climate Challenge as a planet. This section includes the BCC input and insight into the Conference.

Climate Challenge Central