European funding and public procurement

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European Funding

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EU monies drawn down by the UK form part of the funding mix for economic development. They contribute to a wide-range of spending: some are accessed directly by businesses, others help to fund business support services or part-fund town and city-centre regeneration projects. It is the policy of the UK government to replace European Structural Investment Funds (which cover the main EU monies directed at business and the economy) with a post-Brexit ‘UK Shared Prosperity Fund’. The details of UKSPF are still to be consulted on.

To know in the event of a no-deal Brexit:

UK organisations receiving funding from the EU

  • The government has guaranteed that it would cover all projects that would have been funded by the EU under the 2014-2020 programme period.
  • UK organisations will continue to receive funding for ongoing EU projects where they bid successfully to the commission on a competitive basis before EU Exit, for the lifetime of the project.
  • Funding for UK organisations who successfully bid to the European Commission to participate as a third country after Exit until the end of 2020 are covered by the extension to the HMG guarantee for the lifetime of the project

Specific funding programmes with funding guarantees

  • The government will provide equivalent funding for:
    • UK participants in EU Horizon 2020 projects
    • UK bids to Euratom Research & Training until 2020
    • UK bids for European Social Funds and European Regional Development Funds until 2020
    • Does not cover funding for other countries in a consortium with UK organisations


UK Government summary on European and Domestic Funding after Brexit.

Detailed briefings for each fund.

Public Procurement

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In the event of a no-deal Brexit:

  • Businesses will need to use a new UK-based e-notification service to access those UK public-sector contract opportunities that would have been placed on OJEU TED
  • Further details and guidance on the new UK-based e-notification service (Find a Tender) will be published online before Exit day here
  • Use UK-based e-notification service to access UK public sector contracts
  • UK business can still access to the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) for EU contract opportunities


UK Government summary on public-sector procurement after Brexit

European Commission notice to stakeholders in field of public procurement