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We believe that international trade can make every business a stronger one.

With more than 160 years of experience in the world of trade we know that once you open the door to overseas exports then the possibilities for expansion are endless. That’s why we want to build a business community in the United Kingdom where more than half of firms export. Our Chamber Network already does that, and we want to help thousands more do it too. That is why we have published a new Trade Manifesto.

Download BCC Trade Manifesto here Trade Resources

We are experts in international trade

When we were first set up in 1860 our aim was to help companies grow by trading overseas, and that hasn’t changed. Our organisation and our network have always been about making other businesses a success.

Our network of 53 Chambers of Commerce across the UK knows all about the nuts and bolts of how to set a business on the path to overseas trade. Each Chamber knows its local economy inside out and can provide the advice, training, support and all the encouragement needed by any firm new to the world of exporting.

We also have a growing ChamberCustoms brokerage business that also provides training and advice. It has been built on our years of experience, and the knowledge and success of our trade facilitation activities to date.

ChamberCustoms aim is to help businesses expand and diversify the number of exports from the UK across the world. Its expertise means it can save businesses large chunks of time and resources by dealing with their customs declarations; simplifying the process, filing the forms and covering all additional paperwork.

A one stop shop for advice

ChamberCustoms is the only customs broker with direct links to all air, sea and land port terminals in the UK. With over 350 experts, they are a one stop shop for information about international trading.

Click here for their free library of resources to help your business understand and respond to the changes in trading with the EU, including detailed information on the new Rules of Origin arrangements.

Plus their new Import Tax Calculator enables you to understand and calculate UK import duty and other taxes. Visit this free of charge resource here.

Partnership Opportunities

Chambers of Commerce have a long history of trade facilitation and trade promotion with a global reach of over 75 markets. We are seeking strategic international partners to work with us across each and all levels of potential engagement in our campaign programme. Find out more here.

Trade is Good

Chambers of Commerce have a long history of successful delivery of trade facilitation, trade promotion and support services, underpinned by a strong policy development capability, with expertise and knowledge both at the centre and through the whole network.

Why is importing and exporting so important?

We are constantly asking questions of the thousands of businesses in our Chamber Network to find out what’s happening in the world of trade. The evidence is clear. Internationally active firms are more productive and resilient.

The world of trade is changing, fresh markets are emerging, greener, sustainable goods and services are being developed and we have an opportunity to be in the vanguard of this new wave of commerce for years to come.

Trade Services

Supporting trade locally, nationally, and globally is a key mission for every Accredited Chamber of Commerce.

As trusted trade facilitation partners of businesses of all shapes and sizes, Accredited Chambers help deliver products across almost every sector of industry and we deliver our service for exporters to nearly every country in the world.

We also offer high quality training courses for first time and existing exporters that cover the critical steps for any new export drive. Our programmes equip businesses up and down the country with a highly skilled workforce ready to take on international markets. Find out more here.

Taking the plunge

We have always been champions of international trade and there is no doubt in our minds that businesses that embrace exporting to overseas markets will be better off for it. But the combined impacts of Covid-19 and Brexit mean the challenges in exporting are the most significant in decades.

Yet we believe that the businesspeople of the UK have the drive, the resilience, the adaptability and the ingenuity to take this challenge and turn it to their advantage.

The business that sees a gap opening in the market, the firm that invents a new energy-saving technology, the start-up that develops a service to help other companies become greener and more sustainable, they will all prosper in a world of international trade.

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