BCC Brexit Hub

The UK's departure from the EU is one of the biggest economic changes in a generation.

The Chamber Network is focused on the practicalities of Brexit for business communities across the UK. Since the decision to leave the EU, the BCC has campaigned for answers to the pragmatic concerns of business.

As the UK approaches its departure from the EU, its crucial that businesses are doing all they can to prepare for the future. The BCC has put together resources to help businesses plan for the change. Visit our Preparing for Brexit page below to find out how your firm can be ready to face the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Over the last two and a half years, Brexit has contained numerous twists and turns in Westminster and Brussels. In that time, the BCC has focused on getting answers to practical questions about future trading conditions and evaluating what the political process actually means for critical business issues. The BCC's research and analysis assess the implications of the negotiations and what they mean for UK business communities. Explore our latest work below.

Preparing for Brexit

Is your business looking for advice on preparing for Brexit? Learn how the BCC can help firms plan for the future.

Brexit Research and Analysis

Read about our latest research and analysis on the impact of Brexit and what the political process means in practical terms for firms.