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BCC: PAC report right to focus on SME benefit from trade deals

This report rightly highlights that more must be done to help smaller exporting businesses get the full benefits from trade deals negotiated by government.

BCC: Interest rate rise ill-timed as economic outlook weakens

While interest rates remain low by historic standards, the latest rise will be viewed by many as a further step in a prolonged period of aggressive monetary tightening at a time when consumers and businesses are struggling under a myriad of rising cost pressures.

BCC Applauds Move to Set Up New Trade Dialogues with United States

The BCC strongly supports the establishment of the UK/US Dialogues on the Future of Atlantic Trade, and we will be working with our network, on both sides of the Atlantic, to support the opportunities they can provide.

Spring Statement: Chancellor must act now to ease ‘cost of doing business crisis’

The British Chambers of Commerce is urging the Chancellor to take bold and decisive action in his Spring Statement to tackle the escalating cost of doing business crisis.


Rising payroll employment and declining unemployment suggests that demand for workers remains robust despite growing headwinds.

BCC: Exports To EU Remain Weak

Significant changes in the way ONS collects data make month by month comparisons especially difficult now, but it is noteworthy that exports to the EU continued to fall in January this year.

BCC: Risk of recession rising as headwinds mount

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has increased the risk of a recession in the UK by exacerbating the already acute inflationary squeeze on consumers and businesses and derailing the supply of critical commodities to many sectors of the economy.

BCC Forecast: UK economic growth to halve this year as domestic & global headwinds soar

UK economic growth is expected to halve this year amid soaring inflation, major tax rises, and global shocks - including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The conflict in Eastern Europe and what it means for UK energy supply

The invasion by Russia of Ukraine is an appalling act of aggression with terrible loss of life and displacement of potentially the largest number of people in Europe since World War II. One impact of the aggression is likely to be a significant impact on the UK’s energy supply. Energy – specifically oil and gas – is one of Russia’s key exports into Europe as it supplies much of the continent’s oil and gas.


The British Chambers of Commerce has joined forces with three other leading business groups to call on the Government to stop using the outdated word ‘chairman’. Make UK, The Institute of Directors, the Confederation of British Industry, and all 53 of the Accredited Chambers of Commerce have joined the BCC in signing an open letter to Government asking for the change.

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