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BCC welcomes government announcement of the provision of rapid at-home test kits for firms

BCC Co-Executive Director Claire Walker said: “We welcome the Government’s announcement of the provision of rapid home testing kits for businesses to provide for employees."

BCC says critical questions remain for businesses wanting to reopen

BCC President, Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith, says the route back to a full reopening of the economy is still a long way off, with continued uncertainty about whether, and when, the roadmap steps will be met.

BCC welcomes news of new £1.5bn business rates relief fund

Suren Thiru, BCC Head of Economics, says the discount to rates bills provided by the new fund is a positive step which can help support the cash flow of some of our hardest-hit businesses.

BCC Reacts To Latest UK Labour Market Figures

"With many firms struggling with the damage done to their cashflow by a year of covid restrictions, unemployment is likely to remain on an upward trajectory until well beyond a full reopening of the economy."

BCC reacts to latest GDP and Trade figures

BCC Head of Economics, Suren Thiru, says practical difficulties faced by businesses on the ground go well beyond teething problems, and with disruption to UK-EU trade flows persisting, trade is likely to be a drag on UK economic growth in the first quarter of 2021.

BCC says temporary postponement of import checks must lead to permanent solution

Adam Marshall, Director General of the BCC, has called for the UK and the EU to get back around the table and thrash out the remaining structural problems in the Trade and Co-operation Agreement.

BCC says commercial eviction ban extension is good news

The BCC has welcomed news that the government is extending the ban on commercial evictions for a further three months.

BCC calls on businesswomen across the world to celebrate their achievements for International Women's Day

BCC Chair, Sarah Howard MBE, believes women in business have a lot to be proud of but more needs to be done to make sure their voices are heard.

BCC says plan to increase access to free covid testing for businesses is crucial to economic recovery

Responding to news of the plan to drop restrictions on which businesses can access free testing, Hannah Essex, Co-Executive Director of the BCC, said: “This is really good news. We have long argued that it is critical for workplace testing to be expanded to businesses of all sizes and that this service is in place for as long as is necessary.

BCC announces Shevaun Haviland as new Director General

The new Director General will take up her post in the spring after Adam Marshall stands down at the end of March.

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