My week at the BCC...Evie Hemsley

On Wednesday 13th July, when I entered the BCC office to begin my work experience, I had no idea what to expect.

I was a bit nervous to meet so many new people, and I was slightly daunted by the prospect of doing “actual” work, but mainly I was excited. Everyone I met was so kind that I really felt welcome in the office.

On the first day, my main task was to research competitors to the BCC’s Quarterly Economic Forecast. Across the rest of the week, my tasks varied a lot. I sat in on meetings, internal ones, such as with the Comms team, and external meetings, such as one with a VISA representative and one with the president of the British Bulgarian Business Association. I also got to format some social media posts on Canva, and schedule some posts.

As well as this, I added a page on the BCC website about the new addition to the Chamber network, the Malta Business Network. In the last few days, I also got to complete some admin tasks, such as uploading information on business cards into an Excel spreadsheet, and taking inventory in the office.

One thing I would say is that you don’t necessarily need to want to work in the business sector to do work experience with a company like the BCC. For me, before going into the office, the last thing I wanted to do would be a desk job, but now, after seeing some of what goes on in an office, it really doesn’t seem so bad. And that’s the valuable thing about work experience; as much as it allows you to experience something that you might want to do in the future, it also lets you experience something you might not have wanted to do.

Overall, it was a really fun and rewarding experience and I feel as though I’ve learnt loads. It’s also been a great insight into what office jobs are like and has definitely changed my opinion of them.


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