Countdown to Global Annual Conference with Clare Shine

Clare Shine, Director and CEO, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership will be speaking at BCC's Global Annual Conference 2022. Ahead of the event, we asked Clare some questions about what influenced her to speak at our conference and what she is most looking forward to during the event.

Our Global Annual Conference takes place on Thursday 30 June at the QEII Centre, London. Limited tickets available so book your place today!

What are you most looking forward to during BCC’s Global Annual Conference 2022?

  • Reconnecting as humans
  • Engaging with a broad range of perspectives and active practitioners with whole value chain focus
  • Building momentum and radical collaborations for faster and more integrated change

What would you particularly like to bring awareness to/cover?

  • Urgency - the need to shift beyond incrementalism and a compliance mindset to drive transformation across organisations and systems
  • Opportunities for bolder leadership and action that ‘calls out tomorrow’
  • New routes to impact and scale – including innovative bridges between disrupters and incumbents

What are two key takeaways you hope to give the audience?

  • It’s not just about carbon – need to shift the narrative and drive multiplier benefits of a triple focus on people, nature and climate (will be increasingly sought after and rewarded in future markets)
  • SMEs are stretched but not alone – they have a powerful opportunity to lead the way, and are already behind some of the most innovative and exciting solutions. This pivot is doable - there are many practical tools, capacity-building resources and support networks to help and motivate leaders and employees.

What influenced you to agree to speak at the Global Annual Conference?

  • To transform systems and mindsets, we need to activate and connect different levers of change in new and different ways.
  • I first engaged with BCC at COP26 in Glasgow, and in our follow-up conversations, learned about the cross-cutting approach of this Conference which strongly appealed.

What do you hope to gain from attending the Global Annual Conference?

  • Professionally, to support the work of my organisation (Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership) across the nexus of business, finance and government.
  • Personally, having worked outside the UK 1990-2021, to gain a closer understanding of the BCC networks and impact in the UK and globally.

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