Countdown to Global Annual Conference with Sam Jones

Sam Jones, GB Head of Climate & Sustainability at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) will be speaking at BCC's Global Annual Conference 2022. Ahead of the event, we asked Sam some questions about what influenced him to speak at our conference and what he is most looking forward to during the event.

Our Global Annual Conference takes place on Thursday 30 June at the QEII Centre, London. Click here to book your ticket now.

What are you most looking forward to during BCC’s Global Annual Conference 2022?  

BCC’s Global Annual Conference is a great opportunity to come together with industry leaders across a range of different sectors to share knowledge and, hopefully, go away with some practical things that we can all do to help address the important issues facing businesses and the planet today.

Many businesses, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) included, have set out ambitious action plans to help make our operations and those of our partners more sustainable. But in order to make a real difference, we need to work collaboratively, learn from each other’s experiences, and support others.

What would you particularly like to bring awareness to/cover? 

People often think that sustainability and achieving business success are two opposing forces; that putting sustainability at the heart of your business means sacrificing profit or growth. However, we believe that they go hand in hand, if executed correctly.

Investing in sustainable technology can help save money, make operations more efficient and build a better future at the same time. A great example of this at CCEP is our Wakefield manufacturing site, the largest soft drinks plant in Europe. Here, we’ve invested in a solar farm, which now produces 20% of the total energy used at the Wakefield site, saving over 1,800 tonnes of carbon emissions each year and reducing our reliance on changeable energy prices. Despite a fairly significant upfront investment, in the long term it makes business sense to make that commitment to invest in greener energy. It’s case studies like these I’m keen to talk about – and hear from others on their reflections of their own green initiatives.

What are two key takeaways you hope to give the audience?  

Sustainability should be a priority for any business, no matter its shape or size, whether it’s been operating for decades, or is still in its infancy. The pandemic showed us what businesses can do in the face of real, immediate issues – new business models, innovation, some completely changing what their businesses even did. The climate emergency needs the same urgency.

However, I also want people to know that sustainability and business success are two aims that can be achieved simultaneously. Sustainability commitments are the right thing to do but they also make good business sense in terms meeting customer and stakeholder demand. We must be brave, work collaboratively, take risks and learn from one another in order to grow our businesses in a way that not only manages our social and environmental impacts but actively contributes to a better future.

What influenced you to agree to speak at the Global Annual Conference? 

As a global brand, we have a huge responsibility to ensure that we’re leading the way when it comes to sustainability in business. But we also have a real opportunity to help influence and encourage real change in behaviour that will have a positive impact long term.

BCC’s Global Annual Conference offers a platform to share our progress as a business on key climate and packaging-related projects. I hope that by discussing the steps we’ve taken, whether through reducing our energy usage, implementing more efficient equipment at our sites, and moving towards 100% recycled content in our 500ml bottles1, as well as what we’ve learnt along the way, we can set a positive, realistic example for other businesses while learning from their own experiences.

What do you hope to gain from attending the Global Annual Conference? 

We’ve made real progress on our sustainability agenda, but we also know that we aren’t there yet, and we don’t have all the answers. I look forward to learning from other businesses, both large and small, about how they are driving green growth, and hear about new technology, innovations and ideas that can help to inform our conversations at CCEP as we continue to progress along our sustainability journey.

Driving change isn’t something we can do in silo, and events such as this are the perfect opportunity to make sure we’re all moving in the right direction together.


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