October, 2021

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Work smarter and be more productive with a smart meter

Are you seeking smart solutions for your business? A smart meter could be just the ticket for you. Smart meters are the new generation of gas and electricity meters which can be an invaluable asset for firms in Legal services, Accounting and bookkeeping, Marketing consultancy, Architecture, IT services, and more.

BCC gives full response to October 2021 Budget

While investments announced today will take time to bed in, Government should consider other action that will relieve immediate pressures, particularly on smaller businesses. This should include an urgent review of the shortage occupation list to allow for short-term visas in key sectors, and an SME energy price cap.

BCC gives initial response to October 2021 Budget

The Chancellor has listened to Chambers’ long-standing calls for changes to the business rates system and this will be good news for many firms.

BCC responds to planned increase in National Living Wage

While businesses support the minimum wage, the size of this increase – with less than six months’ notice - will cause significant concern, especially with so many smaller firms already struggling.

BCC welcomes £150m for Regional Angel Investors Programme

Improving the quality and reach of early-stage finance is crucial for levelling up economic opportunity across all nations and regions of the UK

BCC welcomes fresh skills funding

The Workplace Training and Development Commission, led by the BCC, has made it clear that considerable upskilling is needed to enable businesses across the country to grow and thrive.

BCC comments on Global Britain Investment Fund, Recovery Loan scheme and Start-Up Loans

Boosting inward investment into the UK can provide the foundations for our future economic prospects for many years.

BCC says £560m fund for adult numeracy a step in the right direction

With more than one million vacancies currently available much more needs to be done to close the skills gap and improving numeracy sits at the very heart of that.

BCC says £7bn for local transport a welcome boost

This investment will be a welcome boost toward levelling up and will also be vital in achieving our net zero targets by funding more efficient, reliable and greener public transport.


A survey of 2,600 UK exporters has revealed that the recovery in export sales has largely stalled in Q3. The proportion of firms reporting increased sales rose only three points (to 30%) from Q2 (27%), whilst the proportion reporting decreased sales fell by just two points (Q3:26%/ Q2: 28%).