Countdown to Global Annual Conference with....Lewis Iwu

Lewis Iwu is the CEO and Founding Partner of Purpose Union.

Lewis will be speaking at BCC's Global Annual Conference on 17 June 2021 as part of the BlueSky sessions discussing young people as a force for change.

Ahead of the event, we asked Lewis some questions about what influenced him to speak at this year's virtual event and what he is most looking forward to over the two day conference.

What are you most looking forward to during the 2-day Virtual Conference?

I’m excited to hear from other leaders how they intend to drive social and environmental as well as succeed financially. There are a lot of exciting conversations about how we can transform everything from our schools to the way we grow food, so this conference comes at a critical time.

What would you particularly like to bring awareness to/cover?

We conduct a lot of research on how younger generations of employees, customers and investors are shaping the behaviours of business when it comes to ESG issues. I’m keen to share insights into what we think works and what we think works less well.

What are two key takeaways you hope to give the audience?

That there is a huge opportunity to derive business benefits from purpose but the approach has to be considered and smart. We’re also seeing how many of these issues are interconnected - Climate Change, Racial Justice, social mobility - all connected. The companies that win on these issues are the ones who can convey nuance in a compelling and simple way.

What influenced you to agree to speak at the Global Annual Conference?

The reputation of the BCC and the timeliness of themes that we will cover.

What do you hope to gain from attending the Global Annual Conference?

I love to learn from others and have my thinking challenged. If you can walk away with at least one new idea that has been inspired by someone at an event - it means that it was a good event!

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Lewis Iwu specialises in campaigns, social purpose, presentation and debate coaching and building coalitions between corporates and NGOs.

Lewis was the founding Director of the Fair Education Alliance, a national advocacy coalition of almost 100 non-profits and businesses. He has also worked with a range of companies and organisations on ESG issues, including Natwest, Sky, Nesta, bp, BT, AT&T, The Grantham Institute, F1, Pfizer, Avast, Novo Nordisk and Sage. As a trustee, he currently chairs the Ethical Fundraising committee at the British Red Cross.

He is also a global public speaking and debating expert, having participated in or moderated over 1000 debates. He is a former World Debating Champion and has coached England to win the World Championship in 2016. He is the author of a book about debating social issues called Words that Win.

He has written about social issues for The Economist, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Independent and the New Statesman and has made numerous TV appearances. Lewis has also given a TEDx talk about social mobility. He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of East London for his social justice work in 2019.

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