‘A Day in the Life’ – Faye Busby, Director of Business Development

I’m writing this just over two weeks into the ‘new normal’ of working from home in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, so my ‘day in the life’ blog is quite different to what it might have been just a month ago. Anyone that works with me, as a colleague or a commercial partner, will know that I love my job, but since the Prime Minister announced a lockdown on the evening of 23 March, I could not be any prouder to work for the BCC.

Our team (below) has spent the last two weeks working around the clock to help secure the packages from the UK government to support our Chamber Network and their member businesses across the UK and we will continue to do so until we see the other side of this crisis.

In my role as Director of Business Development, a position I have held for nearly 3 years, I’m responsible for:

  • securing our commercial income;
  • managing our commercial partnerships; and
  • leading on the delivery of the associated commercial activity.

Like many businesses, we have had to adapt our ways of working and change our business model overnight, while also assisting our Chamber Network, our stakeholders and our partners.

As Coronavirus continues to impact the day-to-day operations of businesses, British Chambers of Commerce has launched a weekly Coronavirus Business Impacts Tracker, which has proved itself to be a leading indicator of UK economic conditions. As well as an excellent piece of insight, the Tracker is also an opportunity for us to broaden our partnerships with existing clients and bring new ones into the fold.

My highlight last week was hosting a Zoom call with our Director General, Adam Marshall and our Head of Research, David Bharier, to present the results of the Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker to representatives from our partner organisations. Presenting the results one day before the official publication gave a real ‘value add’ opportunity for our partners. As a result, our partners are better placed to make decisions about their future and are looking at ways to support the BCC and our Coronavirus Business Impacts Tracker for the remaining 5 weeks of publication.

Last week I also spoke to several Chamber CEOs, as part of a Chamber Network audit to continue to understand the impact at local level. Our Chambers are working hard to provide the support business communities across the UK need at this challenging time.

We’ve also been sending daily communications to our partners, keeping them informed of our key messages to government to help inform their own policy work. I’m working with our sponsors to adapt events to a webinar format, updating current partners on our work as well as speaking to potential new partners about how they can get involved and support our wider projects.

While it’s easy to be consumed by the present, it is so important that we focus on the future and what economic recovery looks like. Though I’m spending 75% of my time focused on the now, the other 25% is on the future and what we can do in partnership with others to get us through this turbulent time including:

  • enabling businesses to meet the government’s net zero target;
  • adapting to changes in the labour market;
  • developing new affinity products for the Chamber Network;
  • mobilising international Trade including Trade Facilitation; and
  • helping our members (of course).

These are just a few of the things firmly on my radar as I work to build a new commercial model that will get us through 2020 and into 2021, the Coronavirus Business Impact Tracker is just the start!


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