‘A Day in the Life’ – Anne-Marie Martin, Director of Global Business Networks

I am lucky enough to be leading the work of the BCC’s Global Business Network, which means that I am responsible for the strategic development of a unique international member network of 57 (and growing) British Chambers of Commerce and equivalent business groups located across all continents of the world.

When I was asked if I would write something typical of my day, I giggled – not the giddy kind – more the panic type of giggle, because I had no idea where to begin! The only consistent element to what I do is reading and responding to emails and participating in planning meetings. At the risk of rendering you comatose, I will try to tell you about the “stuff” that is often driven by the lap of the Gods.

These last few weeks have seen me developing the upcoming Global Business Network events programme including a brand-new International Training Academy that my colleague Joy Shewring, Director of Accreditation and I are co-creating and delivering in early March. We are so pleased and thankful that some of our amazing colleagues in the UK Chamber Network are joining forces to help us deliver this first Academy. This is an exciting initiative and we are hugely passionate about helping our international Chambers to build their capacity and develop their long-term sustainability. Make sure you join us on 3 March.

The next event in the series will be our Global Roundtable, which will feature presentations and workshops dedicated to future initiatives that we are co-creating with our UK and international Chambers, including the launch of an entirely private sector-led framework for international trade and business connectivity across the world, delivered via the Global Business Network.

Soon, we will be able to provide a map of exactly what each Chamber in our membership can offer by way of:

  • support;
  • market know-how and expertise;
  • clear set of services; and
  • sector opportunities.

This will be available to any business that is a member of Chamber Network anywhere in the world. I’m working closely with the BCC comms team to amplify our voice globally and make sure that all the good international work we are driving is marketed and communicated effectively.

Recent work with our Commercial team has resulted in a new “Trade and Global Insights” corporate partnership programme to encourage existing and new corporate support in co-creating the infrastructure, projects, activities and thought leadership work of the Global Business Network. We hope this programme will also see the launch of a new annual flagship international business conference later this year.

A hugely exhilarating first year at the BCC, that will no doubt only ramp up in the second.


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