‘A Day in the Life’ – Bryony Graham, Brand and Marketing Manager

8.45am - Breakfast and emails.  Working with all 53 Chambers across the UK and  57 members globally means there are always multiple conversations and requests!  A bowl of cereal and a big mug of coffee and I’m ready for the day.

9.30am - Grid meeting.  This is our weekly planning meeting where the Policy and Comms team get together to talk about the big events and policy announcements of the week and discuss how and where we’ll react to them.  There are always unexpected things happening during the week too, but at least we start with a plan…

10am – Time to get social.  Next up is talking through our social media activity for the week.  There’s lots happening - with reactions to news and policy announcements, the multiple campaigns we’re running and colleagues speaking at various UK and international Chambers.

11am – I have a coffee with the Director of Global Business Networks to discuss marketing support for this massive (and growing) part of the BCC.  We have 53 Chambers in the UK and 57 Chambers overseas –with Egypt our most recent new joiner.  We discuss some new branding ideas, along with ways to link up members of the network via social media.

12.15pm – I’m briefly back at my desk to work through this mornings’ emails.  I make some calls – I’m currently working with UK Chambers to launch a new pilot initiative called Business Showcase Days and I’m keen to see how their planning is proceeding.

1.15pm – Lunchtime!  And I’m absolutely starving.  There are loads of lunch options in and around Victoria so why do I always go to Pret?

2.00 pm – Time to do some Annual Conference planning... our biggest event of the year.  Today I’m researching some digital comms options. I’m looking at some brilliant mobile apps which allow delegates to view speakers and agendas whilst connecting with other attendees - there’s some great functionality out there plus they also tick all the sustainability boxes! I also have a call with a video production company about potentially live streaming some keynote speakers.

2.50pm – Cup of tea and a couple of biscuits from the endless array of snacks on the Treat Table!

3.00pm – Time for another call, this time with a creative agency about the relaunch of a new customs brokerage service we’re offering to Chamber members.  Customs declarations aren’t my background at all so it’s been a steep learning curve with lots of reading to get up to speed.

We’ve already held a focus group with the Chamber network to plan key messaging around this new service and today I’m briefing the creative agency on some new assets, including a website, e-brochure, emails and some exciting animated gifs to attract attention.  I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

4.15pm – Weekly catch up with the Marketing Executive, who reports directly to me.  For a small marketing team of just two we get a lot done!  I’m lucky that she is on the ball and really great to work with.  We talk through her plans for the week and make sure everything is clear.

5.10pm – Finish for the day.  The whole team is encouraged to leave on time, which is great.  Unlike other companies, the BCC really offers a great work life balance and team really appreciates this!


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