Sarah Howard, introduction as our new Chair

This has been a busy week. I was elected to the new role of Chair of the BCC on Wednesday, a role that is going to be challenging, but one that I am more than ready to take on.

I am above all from and part of the network. Like many of our members I run a small business, a software company based in Suffolk and joined my local town chamber in 2008 for the reasons most small companies do, to network and find out more about what was going on locally. While Chair of Suffolk Chamber in Haverhill I was asked to join Suffolk Chamber where I served 3 years as President and still sit on the board. I became interested in the BCC when I attended a Presidents Council meeting and joined the board in July 2016.

Why do I do it? Because, frankly, I love it. I believe our network is our power and our strength. In the last two weeks I’ve met and learned about businesses in North East Scotland at Aberdeen Chamber’s Annual awards dinner and debated diversity in the work place at Thames Valley Chamber’s bi-annual debate series. I am continually energised by the opportunity I have to meet and connect different businesses across the country, and be part of discussions, like the one at Thames Valley, about how businesses enable employees of today and the future to thrive.

The most important part of my role as Chair of the BCC is to chair the business of the BCC. As well as running my own company I Chair a not for profit that has increased turnover from £2m to £12m in the last six years. I’m not proposing growth like that for the BCC but I know how not for profits work, and I’m looking forward to supporting Adam and the team in ensuring the future of the business so it can support the network effectively and productively.

So I’m taking on the challenge, looking forward to meeting many more of you, working with you and enabling the BCC is the absolute best it can be.


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