Key Future of Work Trends for 2019 and Beyond: Embrace New Dynamics & Create New Experiences

At Dell, the impact of technology and how it boosts productivity and innovation have always been at our roots. “Future of Work” as described by IDC, is an evolutionary journey of how emerging technologies and demographic changes are impacting the way work is done. To boost productivity and foster innovation, companies are moving towards empowering employees with new technologies, offering them more choices and even embracing new office designs, all in the hopes for better talent attraction and retention. Because of this, we partnered with IDC to identify what key Future of Work trends impact monitors in particular and how that will continue to evolve over the years.

Monitors are a key enabler for superior digital experiences, continuing to be the anchor point for productivity and remain the primary gateway to view, create and interact with digital content. Therefore, it is important to have a robust monitors strategy that keeps in mind the future needs of both employees and customers.

The need for better monitor & visualisation technologies are also on the rise due to increasing use of artificial intelligence and 3D Tools. The unprecedented growth of AI and 3D tools, as well as the use of AR/VR technologies, will continue to drive the demand for high performance monitors with richer colour coverage, higher resolution, larger sizes and newer form factors with digital connectivity to support new workloads and technologies over the next few years.

Monitors are adapting to new workspace trends and changing demographics. Mobility in the workplace is an up and coming strategic approach that offers employees greater freedom to work anywhere and empowers them with technologies to be more productive. Trends also include the considerations for employee well-being and better ergonomics. We are seeing initiatives take advantage of new devices and form factors, simulated trainings, open workspace designs, standing desks, and ultrawide curved monitors for better viewing angles. There is also a push for better ergonomics in monitors. This will continue to reshape the entire workspace design and move employers to recognise that monitors impact their health and well-being.

Gaming and e-sports are driving consumer demand for richer content. The demand for monitors will continue to grow, with the rise of new gaming and content studios, and the use of richer content by knowledge workers and marketing teams. And finally how USB-C gives power to the user and simplicity to IT. USB-C not only delivers a higher throughput, faster speeds and supports many protocols, but it also helps organisations simplify on accessories and cabling.

As emerging technology and demographic changes continue to impact the workplace, monitors will continue to evolve. Forward-thinking companies at the forefront of these considerations will witness productivity and employee satisfaction gains simply by putting a little bit more care and flexibility into their monitor strategies.

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