January, 2018

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BCC: Business and Labour leaders meet to discuss key business issues

Today British Chambers of Commerce Director General Adam Marshall and the heads of four other business groups meet with the Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn MP, and senior members of the Shadow Cabinet to discuss the key issues facing businesses across the UK.

BCC: Transition must deliver clarity and certainty for trade

Dr Adam Marshall comments on the speech by David Davis on a transition period after we leave the European Union.

BCC comments on GDP figures for Q4 2017

BCC responds to the preliminary UK GDP figures for Q4 2017, published today by the ONS.

BCC: Labour market remains strong but skills shortages start to bite

Suren Thiru comment on the labour market figures for January 2018, published today by the ONS.

BCC comments on inflation statistics for December 2017

BCC comments on the inflation statistics for December, released today by the ONS.

BCC: Immigration policy must support business

Jane Gratton responds to the Home Affairs Committee’s report on immigration policy, published today.

BCC Quarterly Economic Survey: Skills shortage biggest risk for business

The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) today publishes its Quarterly Economic Survey – the UK’s largest and most authoritative private-sector business survey.