BCC: Repeal Bill must deliver continuity, certainty for business and trade

Commenting ahead of the First Reading of the Repeal Bill, Dr Adam Marshall, Director General of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said:

“Business communities across the UK tell us very clearly that they want day-one certainty and stability on the rules and regulations they will face when the UK leaves the EU.

"Continuity and equivalence are needed to prevent any disruption to British business, particularly in terms of our trade with partners and markets in Europe and beyond.

“A legislative transition of this scope has never before been undertaken. We will be keeping a watchful eye for the possibility of unintended consequences that lead to new burdens or compliance costs, whether particular firms, sectors or the economy as a whole. Our clear message to Westminster politicians is that this bill must not be amended in a way that makes the UK a more expensive or complex place to do business, which would risk undermining our future competitiveness.

“In the fullness of time, after 2019 and after a permanent Brexit deal is secured, government and business must work together to determine where it is beneficial to maintain regulatory equivalence with the EU for the long term, and where the UK needs to set its own path in the interests of competitiveness and growth. For now, though, continuity is key to business investment and confidence."

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