Scientifica Ltd won the Export Business of the Year 2016 award sponsored by DHL Express

Members of Sussex Chamber of Commerce

Company overview:
Scientifica empower researchers to achieve breakthroughs in neuroscience by overcoming experimental hurdles with world-class laboratory equipment.

They do this by designing and developing systems with leading scientists to ensure they are cutting-edge, ideally suited to their task and future-proof.

From the UK, they manufacture and distribute high-quality instruments to universities, pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Specialising in equipment for electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging and optogenetics studies, they help researchers gain a better understanding of the nervous system, including neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and epilepsy.

At the beginning of 2016, Scientifica opened an office in the United States, its first office outside of the UK. The new office, based in New Jersey, will improve our ability to support our growing number of customers in North America.

Chambers Awards 2016

What the judges said:
It’s an absolute pleasure to recognise the incredible achievement and growth that businesses see through trading internationally. This award showcases exemplary British businesses that are innovative and ambitious, competing on a global scale.

The companies export figures are impressive. They export to 44 countries around the world, 75% of their sales were exports in 2015 and they have grown these sales four fold in the last five years.

Judges were impressed with their product range. They developed their own micromanipulator, the Patchstar in 2002 which is now a market leader, and launched their Slicescope Microscope in 2012 that is now challenging big names in the industry as the preferred option for electrophysiologists.

The company has clear and ambitious plans for the future and the judges commented on the company’s impressive market reach and innovation.

Why did they enter and what has it done for their business:
Scientifica entered the competition thinking that they might win the local Export Business of the Year for the South. To win the National Export Business of the Year and then, the overall Business of the Year prize was a delightful shock to them.

They hoped that winning the prize would demonstrate to customers outside of the UK their commitment to exports and supporting their international presence. They also believed that showing their growth in overseas markets would help to bolster the confidence of domestic customers leading to further market penetration within the UK.

It is unlikely to be directly due to the award, but Scientifica received a record number of sales orders by the end of 2016. The award has, however, shown their workforce the strength of Scientifica as an exporter, manufacturer, brand and provider of innovative solutions. This will help Scientifica to continue from strength to strength.

Why would you recommend businesses enter?
What have you got to lose? If you enter and don’t win you may feel slightly disappointed, but ultimately it won’t impact your business negatively. The true benefits of winning are also unknown, but it doesn’t take long to enter, and they may be extremely worthwhile for your business. As a business owner or director, consider how you will feel if you do win. The confidence and morale boost this will give to your team has untold consequences. Additionally, the trust it can inspire in your customers may be highly valuable.

Getting the opportunity to open the London Stock Exchange isn’t a bad prize either!

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