Groundsure Ltd won the Best Use of Technology 2016 award sponsored by BT

Members of Sussex Chamber of Commerce

Company overview:
Groundsure is a UK authority on environmental risks including land contamination, flooding and ground stability. They provide high value, property-specific opinion and analysis of land use based on the leading datasets that they collect and curate.

Helping a range of individuals and businesses make fully informed property transaction decisions including:

  • Solicitors
  • Homebuyers
  • Businesses
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Lenders

To ensure delivery of the most up to date environmental data, Groundsure partners with leading data, mapping and technology providers including the Environment Agency, Ordnance Survey, the British Geological Survey and JBA.

Chambers Awards 2016

What the judges said:
It’s ability to digitise maps spanning nearly 200 years, at a higher resolution than previously available across the industry has seen the business grow steadily over the last three years, seeing an increase in turnover, profit and staffing levels.

Groundsure has created a user-friendly online system that saves significant time and money on all its land and property transactions, this is in addition to creating a new responsive website that provides greater accessibility and ease of use for customers and updating search reports to make them even easier for customers to understand.

Sustaining their growth has not been easy. As a business that operates within the land and property industry, it has had to overcome the challenges of a recession, the fluctuation in property sales and changes to government policy, all of which have impacted on the business.

The judges were impressed with the company’s use of technology to digitise every map of the UK dating back to 1840. Its use of technology has improved the customer experience as well as contributing to the company’s growth.

Why did they enter and what has it done for their business?
Groundsure’s services are built on huge data processing capabilities and often delivered through digital channels. As such, we continually invest in our technology and strive to develop better products and services enabled by it.

We entered the award in the hope of gaining external recognition for our team and the products supported by our technology. Winning the regional and then National award for Best Use of Technology has achieved this but also helped Groundsure cement our reputation for innovation in the market and with customers including conveyancers, architects and environmental consultants. As we continue to grow and hire it’s also been great to hear that applicants have seen and been attracted to join the company as a result.

Why would you recommend businesses enter?
With the plethora of awards out there, and the costs associated with entering, the decision about which awards to enter is certainly not something that should be taken lightly. We felt that the Chamber Business Awards presented a degree of authority that other awards may lack.

With the regional and then National stages it also offered us the opportunity to promote awareness locally and across the UK. We felt the application process was straight forward and that judging process was fair and sound. Winning the award also gave us exposure via the Chamber’s marketing channels to cohorts that we might not otherwise easily reach. The awards themselves were also a useful networking event.

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